North Salem Softball Sweeps McKay, Confident For Future

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.— It came down to the wire in the North Salem and McKay softball Friday afternoon as both teams looked to close out the season strong.

But, it was a double play that gave the Lady Vikings a 7-6 victory to seal a clean sweep of the Lady Royal Scots as North finishes the season 2-23 overall and 2-14 in Greater Valley Conference play.

“This season was a life-changing season,” described junior Sydnee Rupp.  “It made me realize that even if you win the first game, it doesn’t mean the second game is in the bag.  You still have to work for the next win.

“We came in that game (Friday) a little too cocky, thinking that we already won, that’s why we almost lost to them and we needed to take little time outs to recover and gain our strength back so we could look forward to getting the next out.”

With two girls in scoring position with one out on the board, a shot out to left field was only met by the glove of Rupp.

Tagging up, McKay looked to tie the game up and to force extra innings as Rupp sent a long distance throw for home to Shelby Lund.

Lund would make the catch, and the tag for the win as Rupp described the game as intense and nerve racking.

Paige Burger was part of two other double plays for the Lady Viks in the game.

With Rupp and the other soon-to-be-seniors, for them to make some noise in the GVC in 2016-2017, it starts in the summer time.

“We can help get girls to play summer ball,” started Rupp.  “Give them rides to open gyms and maybe help them pay for summer ball.

“Just do anything so they are able to help us prepare for the upcoming season and then we can hopefully take advantage of the seniors from other teams that are leaving this year so that we can start winning more games and compete with more teams.”

Confidence is high for the girls on the North Salem Softball entering next season as they continue this momentum from Friday’s game into the offseason and into the future.

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