McKay Ends Season With Confidence

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Confidence is high for the Royal Scots of McKay High School baseball team.

Though their record doesn’t show their growth as a unit, there was glimpses of improvement throughout the 2015-2016 season for McKay.

“We’re a pretty young team, we had nine seniors other than that we had one junior and the rest sophomores, our record doesn’t show how much better we got, all of us can see it, even the coaches.  We just made a lot of progress individually, the record just didn’t show it.”

Noah Tavera (4) pitching in Friday’s Finale versus North Salem (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

For junior Noah Tavera, who has been playing on the Varsity squad since his freshman year, had too seen this improvement this year personally.

“I think we did pretty good this year,” said junior Noah Tavera. “I think we’ll be better next year.  We just got to, in the summer, it’ll teach us to win; we’re going to compete hard and rebuild the program and we’re going to be really good next year.

“We just got to change our mindset and just work hard in the offseason and we’ll have it for next season so we’ll be pretty competitive next year.”

Senior Alan Cornejo admits that it wasn’t the one he was expecting as he hoped to make a run at the playoffs as he did his sophomore season on the Varsity squad, but he had fun nonetheless with his brothers.

As Cornejo walked off the field with some of his teammates, he had some thoughts for his younger teammates as they looked to improve on a 4-20 overall season and 1-15 Greater Valley Conference record next season.

“You got to have a winning mentality,” said Cornejo.  “Work harder in the offseason and hit the weight room, hit the books.  Prepare to win and try to change the culture at McKay and come out strong.”



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