Stayton Holds Newport To 2 Hits, CLL’s Kuenzi Tosses No-No

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  Stayton bridged together the momentum from Monday’s Marathon of a game versus Philomath to Wednesday’s game versus Newport.

This time, the result was different.  Very different.

Behind the arm of Freshman Ryan Brown, the Eagles held the Cubs to just two-hits and limited their errors as a defense in the 8-1 victory to pull into a two-way tie with Newport for fifth-place.

“I had an amazing defense behind me today I think we had one error and then just those two hits but besides that we played really good solid defense,” said Brown on his defense.

The offense was impressive added Brown.

“We really got the sticks going,” said Brown.  “I mean we haven’t done this well as a team at all this year and Newport I think came in and expected for us to kinda roll over and that just goes to show you that we are able to compete and beat teams we are a good team.”

Now that they travel to Yamhill to play the Tigers of Yamhill-Carlton Friday.  The trick is to carry the momentum from Monday’s and Wednesday’s game into that game.

“We just need to work hard in practice and we will carry it,” said Brown.  “I mean we carried it from Philomath to Newport and I think if we really work hard in practice and focus on the field on Friday we will take that team I know we can.”

CASCADE LITTLE LEAGUE- ALBANY, Ore-  The Intermediate 50/70 team at the Cascade Little League had an amazing feat happen in Wednesday’s win.

A No-Hitter.

Shawn Kuenzi is his name and behind a nine-strikeout in five innings of work, this little leaguer proved that he’s Arm-Strong on the mound in the win as his team improves to 5-1 on the season.

“Wherever the catcher put the glove Shawn hit it today,” said CLL Intermediate 50/70 Head Coach Chris Brown.  “He was really in a zone of his own. I am really impressed with my boys because they work hard and want to see the payoff in the end. The boys see this as the start of something good that will just get better with the hard work they put in.”

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