Garza Steals The Show At End

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– On the Track and the Turf at Sprague’s Olympic Stadium, McKay were sharpening their skills and their timing for the District Meet that was to come next Friday.


“Our workouts have helped us a lot with stamina and endurance and everything,” said Andrea Finnemore.  “As a team we try to center it around making sure everyone’s time and are in the right mindset, making sure we’re all  behaving, respresenting McKay is the most important thing probably.”

“Entering Districts we’re all wanting to have all of our best races going to into Districts,” said Manny Miranda. “So we’re going to rest up next week and hopefully we all have our best race next week.”

Though competition was tough, the top highlight of the night was the last leg of the 4×400 meter relay race that really brought the Olympic spirit out of Olympic Stadium.

Coming down to Israel Garza and Sprague’s  anchor runner in the final few hundred feet in the final leg of the race, Garza, who slowly crept up through his sprint, kicked it into high gear to win the race by just 0.53 of a second.

McKay Leath 3
Garza (Middle) out of breath as his teammates help him to the sidelines (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Being carried off the track to the turf in Olympic Stadium, Garza described the feeling of that last bit of the race as he tries to catch his breath.

“It was great,” said Garza as he falls to the turf.  “I heard my teammates yelling, so I started pushing at the end and I managed to get the win.  He was close, but I pushed harder than he did and fortunately, i got in front.”

As to how he was feeling, well its a whole different situation.

“I’m dead,” he said with a smile.  “(But) I feel good though.”

Garza’s heroics was just one of his two wins as he also won the Long Jump for the Royal Scots with a leap of 21’00.5″.  Finnemore also accounted for two field event wins with the High Jump (4’10”) and Triple Jump 36’9″ as McKay complied 14 team wins at both the Varsity and Junior Varsity Levels.

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