McKay Wrestling Free-styling During The Offseason

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  McKay was well-represented at the Freestyle State Tournament this past Saturday at Crescent Valley.

David Rubio, Salvador “Chava” Carmago and Matt Jarding all participated in the tournament, gaining valuable experience and valuable reps that will help them out in when the season comes.

“It’s good,” started Carmago.  “Because not only you get more competition time in the offseason but we get to learn new moves so we can use during the season when it comes back around.

“I think it’s pretty good because you don’t have that big gap.  Like (in) basketball, you can go to a random basketball hoop and go shoot whenever you want.  Wrestling, there’s only a certain amount of time that you can go on the wrestling mat so you got to take any advantage you can to go practice.”


Rubio, entering just his second year wrestling, continues to shock and awe the wrestling world with a fourth-place finish in the 160 pound bracket following his fourth-place finish at the Greater Valley Conference District Championships earlier this season.

McKay 2
Carmago (Yellow top, blue singlet) and Rubio (green top) practicing some moves before Wedneday’s offseason training session (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It feels good, I just want to keep that momentum up to my sophomore year and the other years that I’m going to wrestle and just keep working hard and do everything I can to improve.

“It’s good confidence that I’m going carry towards next season.”

Jarding and Carmago didn’t place, but the competition they went up against helped them know how they can adjust for the season ahead.

“I felt like I competed pretty well versus the people I was against, I definitely could’ve done better but that’s just part of getting back into the whole competition,” said Jarding.  “You have to adjust on the fly which I wasn’t able to do.”

For Jarding, the soon-to-be-senior wrestler has been sidelined since December with a injury he sustained during the start of the wrestling season had said that the change from focusing on practice to a match situation is nice and that it didn’t take him long to get comfortable on the mats again.

“It’s a lot different from practice situations obviously but I felt like I’ve handled it pretty well,” said Jarding.  “I feel like I’m making a pretty quick recovery and it wasn’t too different getting back onto the mats and competing with other people.”

Wrestling.  It never stops!


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