Putting It In The Past And Finishing Strong

By Jeremy McDonald


AURORA, Ore.–  It wasn’t the script that the Stayton Eagles baseball team hoped to have written Thursday when they traveled to Bob Brack Field to complete the two-game series against North Marion.

The Eagle defense gave up 10 runs in 11 hits while only attaining one hit with five free bases in a game-shortened 10-0 loss Thursday.

Senior Matt Lindemann, who started on the mound for Stayton, described the struggles that afternoon for his team.

“I felt like we’ve came out kind of sluggish and not real up-tempo or energetic, I think that kicked us in the butt when we’re actually we’re in gametime,” he said.  “So I don’t think we’re (in it) mentally or physically.

“With the walks and hit batters, we just need to not leave people on base like we did.  We hit it right to people, grounders, fly-balls we just need to be more consistent with our hits and gaps and things like that and putting the bat on the ball.”

The team aren’t making excuses and games like this fire up the team as they entering the fourth week of the Oregon West Conference.

Everett St. Clair (blue) had the lone hit for the Eagles Thursday versus North Marion (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

All they need to do is focus up and they’ll surprise some teams in these final few weeks of the season.

“If anything, we need to be fired up from losing games like this and stuff,” said Lindemann.  “We have nothing to lose, we’re last in 4A, we have nothing to lose so we got to go out there and play like that.

“We’re playing timid and stuff, (and) it’s showing.  We need to come out with confidence and know that we’re not going to get into trouble for anything we do.  We leave it all out on the field.”

Freshman Ryan Brown added as well that they need to come with that fired up mentality that they can also too beat a team 10-0 while putting a game like Thursday’s behind them  since team’s like Cascade, Philomath are ready for them over that next two weeks.

“We just got to put it in our past,” he said.  “We just need to focus more, there’s some mental errors out there, a few bad errors, but those are going to happen.  We need not let 11 hits out there, we need to improve defensively in practice and in games and mentally and physically take a step up.

“Because those teams like Cascade and Philomath, there up there.  They’re ready for us.  We need to be ready for them.”

Kyle Jorgenson (blue) preparing for the catch at 1st base (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

With Cascade on the horizon, the Eagles know they have a challenge ahead.  The Cougars have seen Stayton before on Monday when the Eagles were facing Yamhill-Carlton in Stayton.

For Brown, he knows that his team, has a lot more left in the tank to prove.

“There’s more in the tank than what we have,” said Brown.  “We can play better than we did against Yamhill (Monday).”



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