Fennimore, Garza and Scots Performed Well At Vikings Relays

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore– The thrill of this 12 team tournament has sort of a home feel to it for the McKay Track and Field team when they traveled the three mile voyage to North Salem High School Friday night for the Viking Twilight Relays.

For the Royal Scots, they look to the competition as much as they do to beat their rival from the other side of Market Street.

“It has a whole meet plus we got the riviary going with North Salem,” said Nolan Araujo on the competitiveness of the meet. “We also got these other schools coming from all over Oregon.  I mean, there’s a lot of competition, so we got to step up.”

Anthony Tenorio describes the competition at North as a nice change of pace from the Greater Valley Conference and it’s a nice preview for later on in the season.

“It’s kind of good to see people who aren’t in our conference, to see how our competition is around to get a preview for later in the season.”

Andrea Fennimore and Isreal Garza were fixtures on the podium Friday, Finnemore PR’d in several events as the atmosphere around Littlejohn Field had that of Districts and State Meets.

“I love it.  It pushes me to be way better,” said Fennimore.  “It’s just nice to have that really strong competition that intimidates me, but it pushes me a lot too.  It helps me, I got a few PR’s and I look forward to the triple jump competition too to be a real big competition.”

McKay’s Finnemore sticking the landing during the long jump that she finished second with a jump of 17’1.5″ (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Fennimore was up to the challenge in the triple jump, finishing second in the competition behind Tualatin’s Karina Moreland.  Fennimore would also finish second in the Long Jump.

Garza, who won the 100 meters and finished second (4×200) and third (4×100) with the relay teams. adds that all of this competition is practice for what he may face at Districts and State come May.

“Today it’s just a different level,” described Garza.  I’m running probably against some of the top guys in the state and this just prepares me.

“This is all practice.  Just getting better day by day and I’ll see what I’m ready for when Districts come.

McKay had eight finishes to go along with the accomplishments by Garza and Fennimore that feature Yaset Carlos’ fifth-place finish in the 400 meters.

McKay would finish ninth as a unit in both the Boys and Girls Categories.  For more on results visit the McKay Athletic.net site at:  http://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=255463#269



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