Vikings Track and Field Defeats Forest Grove

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  It’s been a week since the Vikings of North Salem High School Track and Field team saw some live action against some competition.

But, that’s pretty standard said Head Coach Don Berger.

“It is pretty standard in track to have league meets once a week, in our case in the Greater Valley Conference every Wednesday,” said Berger.  “So our workout pattern is usually the same each week, with hard work day on Monday, techinque day Tuesday, meet Wednesday, recovery/technique Thursday and then another work day Friday.

“If there is a big invitational on Saturday, we wouldn’t work hard on Friday.  So anyway, this was a pretty standard week for us.”

The last time the Vikings were in action, Rebekah Miller set one record in the 100 meters, and almost broke the 200 meter dash in the GVC 5-Team Meet last Wednesday.

Picture By Jeremy McDonald

“Breaking the record was really amazing,” said Miller.  “I was surprised because the person who broke it, Sasha Spencer, she’s big and well-known in the Track world.  So when they told me that I broke her record, it was like ‘dang, I’m going places’.

“I’m not running the one today, but when I do:  Go faster.  I want to be in the 12 by the end of the year.”

For Miller, the freshman won the 400 meter dash by a second, won the Triple Jump and finished second in the Long Jump.

Sergio Villazana’s kick at the last lap of the 1,500 meters at the JV level saw him come in a close second to Forest Grove’s (winner) in the JV 1,500 meters. Villazana described it as that he should’ve started his kick sooner.

“I should’ve started it a little bit sooner, I probably took too long,” he said.  “It’s alright, it’s my first time doing it, next time I’ll get better.

His experience did teach him how to set his pace and know where he’s at though moving ahead into the future.

Abel Sandoval redeem it as he won the varsity 1,500 meter race by seven seconds over Forest Grove’s Gavin Vance.

Sandoval was happy to win it in front of the home crowd and his family.

Picture By Jeremy McDonald

“It’s good, it’s always nice to be at home, competing with my team,” he said.  “It’s a home meet, like I said before, my family gets to be here.  The support of them, it all works the greatest for me.”

The Vikings saw overall 15 winners in the Boys Varsity and 10 in the Junior Varsity side with the Girls tacking on another 11 wins on the Varsity and 10 on the JV as North Salem won each section by at least 20 team points.


BOYS VARSITY-  North 100, Forest Grove 45

BOYS JV-  North 90.5, Forest Grove 51.5

GIRLS VARSITY- North 92, Forest Grove 52

GIRLS JV- North 76, Forest Grove 56

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