Scots, Boys and Girls Basketball, Prep For North

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Monday’s McKay Boy’s practice was just as intense as the South Salem game Friday night at South.

Tristen Wilson described the intensity as something they started in preparation for the game against the Saxons that saw the Royal Scots battling hard throughout the game.

For Scots Head Coach Dean Sanderson, he wanted his team to be prepared for the final push with his Royal Scot team having a Tuesday night bye before Friday’s showdown against North Salem.

“In four days we’re not going to grind these guys into the ground but at the same time they have to have a focus and determination for it so that’s what we’re looking for,” described Sanderson on the intensity.

The extra day from not playing anyone Tuesday night will help McKay find their mojo while healing up said  Wilson.

Darrell Woods going up for a lay-up during a intense practice Monday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It gives us enough time to heal and recuperate, we’ve been on a little slump and to recover and have that extra day of practice might give us our mojo that we need for the rest of the season,” started Wilson.

“For North to come here, play North and hopefully beat them.  That would set the tone for our upcoming games as well.  If we can get this going, we have a chance for a play-in game to hopefully make playoffs.”

But the focus is the here and now, to make that push that Wilson mentioned for the Top 32 and them sitting 44th currently; it starts Friday Night at home versus North Salem.

Tipoff is at 7:15pm following the girls basketball game.


On the Girls Side of the ball, the Lady Scots too have an extra day to prepare for the Lady Vikings (0-16, 0-10 GVC).

Melissa Camacho-Guerrerro and Tavia Wilson both said that it’ll be helpful with their offensive and defensive sides of the ball

“The extra day will help us be ready on the court to execute our offense and know exactly what we’re suppose to do,” said Camacho-Guerrero.

“It will help us better our defense move quicker to the ball,” added Wilson.

Last time these two teams met, McKay saw a fourth-quarter rally from North in the 29-18 victory on December 11 at North Salem High School, a situation that Head Coach Arthur Lee-Horton said that they needed to finish games on and not allow teams to come back on

Junior Melissa Camacho – Guerrero say that need to stay focus in those particular situations.

“We can keep our heads in the game and not think, ‘oh we’ve already won just because we’re up’,” said Camacho-Guerrero.  “Just keep our heads in the game, finish the game.   Then after the game we know that we won it where we have it.”

The McKay Lady Scots will start Friday’s doubleheader versus North Salem High School at 5:30pm.

Jeremy McDonald is a professional sports journalist in the Salem/Portland area and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalist in Oregon with B.S. degrees from Southern Oregon University in Journalism (2011) and Health/PE (2013).  Got a story idea? Email him at or on Twitter at @J_McDonald81!


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