Sprague Wins First Game Over McKay Boys

Teagan Quitoriano (White, 14) throws up a shot against McKay’s Khyler Beach (15) and Tristen Wilson (24, right of Quitoriano) (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

SALEM, Ore.–  Sprague matched McKays Boys basketball’s intensity throughout Tuesday night’s Greater Valley Conference game at the Kuebler Blvd School.

And the consistency by the Olympians, mixed by turnovers and fouls by the Royal Scots during the latter stages of the second quarter and the first part of the third, set up a 93-76 victory to give Sprague their first win of the 2015 season.

“We got to get off the slide, we got to get confidence,” said Sprague Olympian Head Coach B.J. Dobrkovsky.  “We’ve been practicing hard.  We faced three really good teams.  For us, it’s really nice to see some success.

“Now we have to go back to work and practice.  We still have to fine tool some things.  There’s a lot of things in there that we have to continue to fix.”

For McKay Head Coach Dean Sanderson, his team made a few bad shots and allowed the Olys to make too many easy ones.

“Offensively I didn’t think that we were smart with our aggressiveness, “ he said.  “I think we forced some bad shots and allowed them to give them way too many easy (shots).

Tyler Miller (30) trying to pass around a McKay Defender to Colton Posey (0) (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Every time you give up 92 points, you’re going to have a hard time winning.  But we corrected a few things their and we’re back in it.”

The game started with a bunch of back and forth battling.

Sprague jumped out to a 6-1 lead to start, McKay matched it at 6.  Tyler Miller gave the Olympians the lead before Khyler Beach tied it at 21 entering the second frame with a three-point shot.

The Scots built a 27-23 lead early in the second quarter before Sprague broke the game open and took the lead for good.

Behind fast break that turned into points by Perry VanHouten, David Prosser and Carter James, Sprague ended the first half on a 21-7 run to build a 44-34 lead entering the half.

McKay talking before the start of the second half (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“We had a lot of runs, we knew in this game that they’re going to be a ton of runs with the way they play,” said Dobrkovsky. “We had to capitalize on ours and minimize the mistakes.  If we don’t turn the ball over, good things will happen for us.”

The Olys then took advantage of turnovers and won the rebounding game of the Scots as they built a 61-39 lead four minutes left in the third quarter.

McKay didn’t give up, cutting the Sprague lead to 14 at one point towards the end of the third and 13 in the fourth, but couldn’t get any closer as fouls caught up to them.

“It hurts,” said Tristen Wilson.  “We just got to work hard.  We just got to go 100-percent in practice.  It’s all we can do.  We see things that we got to work on.

“There are a lot of things we got to fix, but not things that will define our season so we just got to continue to work hard.”

NEXT UP:  SPRAGUE:  Timpview (UT) in the Capitol City Classic December 21 MCKAY: Vs. South Salem (Friday) 7:15pm



Quitoriano, T- 24.  Miller, T. -20.  Freeburg, C.-12 2VanHouten, P.- 11 Hammer, J.-8.  Prosser, D-6.  Flanigan, K-4. Carter, J-2.  Ekdahl, M-2. Flemming, K.- 2. Posey, C-2.


Wilson, T.-12.  Woods, D.-9.  Tover.-9.  Garza, I-8, Bailey, D.-8.  Daniels, S.-8.Tavera, N.-7. Castillo, J.-6.Beach, K.-3.  Morin, B.-2.



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