The Clack Men’s B-Ball Sharpen Game For Alumni, Pacific JV

Brayden Massey playing to Raven Fraizer’s ball movement (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

By Jeremy McDonald

OREGON CITY,  Ore.– You can hear Head coach Clif Wegner’s voice echoing off the walls in the gym at Clackamas Community College.

“Baseline. Down and  back.”

This past weekend saw the Cougars (2-2) Men’s Team go 0-2 in the Pierce Tournament that saw a lack of execution of plays and turnovers.

Something that Head Coach Clif Wegner knows that his teams needs to improve on.

“I think what happen was that we played a couple of teams that we dominated physically to begin with and consequently got a lot of easy stuff that didn’t require much of running a offense,” said Wegner on this past weekend,

“(Then) we played a couple of teams up there that defended us better and we didn’t execute well enough and part of it is turnovers and part of it is missed opportunities and we just need to get better fundamentally on both sides of the ball.”

(Left to Right) Assistant Coach Brian Stamme and Parker Gaddis watching Coach Clif Wegner demostrating a play (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Parker Gaddis added that he sees flashes from his team, that they’re playing well even though they have hit an occasional speedbump along the way early in the season.

But it’s going to come down to learning from experience, something that himself and other freshman are still learning at the college level.

“We see points of brilliance,” Gaddis said.  “They’re’s certain plays that are like, ‘dang that’s how exactly what basketball should look like’.

“I think we got to go through some of those losing games and the plays that we could’ve done to change the game around, we have to go through some of that stuff to gain that experience since we all don’t have that experience.”

As practice continued with focusing on fixing particular plays and Wegner and assistant coach Brian Stamme putting the team into certain situational aspects from game film they saw over the past few days.

All in preparation for their games against the Clackamas Community College Alumni (Thursday Night) and Pacific University JV (Sunday) at home this week.

“(We’re) taking some of the mistakes that we’ve made from this past weekend and correct them (for) these upcoming games and working as a team,” said Gaddis.  “Just looking for each other and trusting each other.  That’s a huge part, we all can make plays.”

The Clackamas Defense Swarming To The Ball (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Wegner calls on a lost of mental focus as his team turned the ball over 27 times against Shorline that they can fix by playing smarter.

For something like a High-Tempo offense like Wegner likes to run, 12 to 14 turnovers is more acceptable.

“A lot of our turnovers came weren’t even forced turnovers under heavy pressure,” said Wegner. they were just making a soft pass from point A to Point B, or trying to make a pass through from point A to point b that wasn’t really there.”

Wegner calls the game’s this week to work on something’s and to use as a learning experience.

“That’s one of the games to work on something’s and try to be fundamentally sound and improve our offense,” he said about the Alumni game Thursday.

“Same thing on Sunday, with the Pacfic JV.  We’ve played them before, they’re decent and we should be able to improve on some stuff and use that game as a learning experience.”

Gaddis added that the team needs to come together for a common goal.

“We need to cut down on turnovers and part of it is to play as a team,” he said. “We need to put aside our egos for a common goal. We all got recruited here because we can play so I think that’s a big part of the chemistry and realizing that everyone on the court can play.”

Tip off for the CCC Alumni game is 7:30pm Thursday night.  Tip for the Pacific JV game is slated for 3pm Sunday.  Both games are at home.


Jeremy McDonald is a professional sports journalist in the Salem/Portland area and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalist in Oregon with B.S. degrees from Southern Oregon University in Journalism (2011) and Health/PE (2013).  Got a story idea? Email him at or on Twitter at @J_McDonald81!

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