McKay’s Boys BB Expect Tempo Vs. Dallas Wed.

Several McKay Players Going Up For A Rebound (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– It’s finally game week for the McKay Boy’s basketball team with Wednesday’s season and home-opener versus Dallas just on the horizon.

“I’m very excited,” said Senior Darrell Woods.  “I think we’re going to be a great team this year, that’s what’s making me excited.  We’re getting after it, working hard towards our goal.  If we keep up our intensity I think we have a shot for our goals.

Considering that it is so early in the season, it is hard to focus on what to do with the new season that makes game planning a nightmare with teams adjusting on the run from both teams sides said Royal Scots Head Coach Dean Sanderson.

“That’s how it goes early on as teams are trying to find themselves figuring out what works and what doesn’t work,” he said.  “How much energy are we going to have, how much confidence you have in each other and our system going into the game.”

The Team Running Sprints At The Start Of Practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But through it all, the overall plan is simple for Wednesday night’s home and season opener:

Control the Tempo of the game.

“For us, if we come out and control the tempo of the game, then we’re going to put ourselves in a really good position.  Dallas comes out and plays the game they want to play, we’re not going to be in a good position.”

McKay’s coaching staff set the pace for Monday’s grueling practice to prepare them for Wednesday expectation of ‘controlling the tempo’ that saw the up-and-coming sophomores out-working the seniors.

This caused Sanderson to pull the seniors aside and talk with them mid-practice.

“We are bringing them along slowly,” Sanderson said of the sophomores.  “But we expect the seniors to set the tone with intensity, fire and competitiveness.


“When that doesn’t happen, I remind them of the core values we have.”


This re-flamed the fire for the seniors as they, and the rest of the Scots team, finished practice strong.


Tip off for McKay/Dallas Dragons’ game Wednesday is at 7pm at McKay High School in the main gym.



Jeremy McDonald is a professional sports journalist in the Salem/Portland area and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalist in Oregon with B.S. degrees from Southern Oregon University in Journalism (2011) and Health/PE (2013).  Got a story idea? Email him at or on Twitter at @J_McDonald81!

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