University of Oregon’s “Lewis And Clark” Jerseys Historical Importance

By Jeremy McDonald

The University of Oregon Football team has always done great things about their football interviews with their numerous varieties to them.

But what I like this week’s game’s jersey against Washington State University is something that history nerds like me like.

With paying tribute to the “Lewis and Clark” trip along the famous Oregon Trail that went through both Oregon and Washington in 1803.  The helmet features the image of both Meriwether Lewis and William Clark and the uniform illustrates an unique topographic map (topography illustrates and studies surface and features of the land) which each uniform having a different topography illustrated on it.

The helmet via the @GoDucks Twitter page
The helmet via the @GoDucks Twitter page

I am hoping that with this uniform, it’ll intrigue the youngsters out there to look into the history of the Oregon Trail (and not from the game) and about who Lewis and Clark are and their importance to the discovery of life to the west of the Mississippi River and the Pacific.

And U of O is doing it right by doing what their good at (designing some of the best uniforms in all of College Football) along with using their program prestige with media presence and tying that in history that ultimately created the states of Oregon and Washington.

Jeremy McDonald is a professional sports journalist in the Salem/Portland area and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalist in Oregon and B.S. degrees from Southern Oregon University in Journalism and Health/PE in 2011 and 2013.  Got a story idea? Email him at or on Twitter at @J_McDonald81.


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