J-Macs Takeaways: 49ers/Cardinals

They are a few things entering Week Four of the National Football League season that we can notice, for the San Francisco 49ers, they are several:

1.)Offensive Line:  As much as we would like to say it’s entirely quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s fault, the right side of the line isn’t really helping his case out too much and putting too much pressure on the left side to keep the 49ers star QB off his back on a regular basis.

Sub-section-  Kaepernick:  My previous point brings me to this point to Kaep.                Read the defense better!  Four interceptions in the Week 3 loss to the Arizona                        Cardinals will not help the squad win football games.  Of the four picks, two went for            pick-sixes and the other two led to 10 points; 24 points total off turnovers.  Not to                  mention, putting the makeshift defense of San Francisco at a disadvantage having to            come onto the field after a turnover instead of a score of some sort.  Kaep is 3-0                      career against Green Bay, but if he doesn’t settle in Sunday and goes through his                    progressions, he’ll be 3-1 by Sunday night.

2.) The Secondary-  For the second straight week, the Niners allowed the recieving game dicate the game.  Against Pittsburgh, Big Ben went for 360+ yards and Antonio Brown almost went for 200 alone.  Last Sunday against the Cards, Carson Palmer went for 311 yards and Larry Fitzgerald went for over 100-yards as he looked of the Fitz of old against the San Fran secondary.

3.)Front Seven-  For once the front seven looked like the front seven of yesteryear against Arizona.  Blitz-crazy and putting pressure one Palmer.  They need that against one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL with Aaron Rodgers Sunday in Lambeau if they expect to contend by the start of the second half (something they haven’t done since Week 1 against Minnesota).

Jeremy McDonald is a writer in the Salem/Portland, Oregon region and is a member of the Society of Professional Journalist of Oregon.


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