How does Weather affect Baseball

As we near baseball season, I thought I post a brief, introductory-type of how weather affects the sport of baseball.

As the air warms up this makes for less wind in the air as less friction is possible, and it can make hitting the ball easier for batters. This would favor the picther as the ball would be slighty faster and there will be a little bit more velocity behind it compare to colder days. Unfortually, the less dense the air is with the warm air, the pitcher’s curve’s, slider’s and so on, would have less drag that the colder, heavier air has to offer.

Altitude helps out with baseball. The higher the altitude, as in Coloardo or in Utah, the air and baramertic pressure are decrease, or lower, thus would make the ability to hit the ball and the drag behind it would increase compare to those of lower altitude like in Flordia, and Texas. But these higher altitudes can cause a negative affect to some athletes because they aren’t used to or not in good enough condition for the higher elevations and altitudes.

As conditions worsen, as in rain as you see in the early spring or in the fall, the baseball becomes heavier. Making it difficult for hitters to get a good crack on it. It also makes it hard on the picthers because of the heavier ball would affect the velocity of the ball.

Wind direction is cruical to how pitcher do their work. Depending on the wind strength, the difficulty of pitching increases. For example, if they throw a pitch, say a normally 90 mph fastball, into a front wind of 10 mph that would slow it down to 88 to 89 on the ground speed level. Throwing into a back-wind, the wind going with the pitcher, it’ll help push the speed of the ball by a extra mile or two. A cross-wind, say from left to right or right to left, can push a fastball or a slider or whatever by a few inches in either direction.

With higher humidity, the air is less dense compare to dry air. This would only account for the long ball, (a nickname for a homerun), to have a short distance compare to a long ball. Unlike the less dense warmer air like the higher temperature, the higher humidity would cause the ball to become heavier and less elastic, similar to a wet ball. Making the long ball to go a shorter distance compare to if the hit was on a low humidity day.


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  1. Alex says:

    Thank u Jeremy this really helped for my Science Project about How does Wind Affect a Baseball.

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