Chemawa’s Oldman PR’s At Regis

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  It is the first year that Chemawa’s Ernest Oldman has ever done track, but looks like he’s been doing it for a while as the junior PR’d in his first event of the Regis Community Twilight Meet Friday afternoon.  Driven by a family connection to the sport, the Braves junior has been steadily improved in the distance races of 1,500-meter and 3,000-meter races, Oldman PR’d in his first race of the Meet, completing the race in 4:49.83, good for 16th in a deep field filled with athletes from 1A-4A.

“I just went out for it because my dad did Track and I just wanted to do that too. I think I’m doing good,” Oldman said.  “I felt nervous at the start because those kids are kind of fast.”

Nerves seemed to fade as he finished second in his heat, the second wave of the 1,500 meter race. Oldman would go on to finish 12th in the 3,000-meter race as Daiquan Winishut-Boise finished 29th in the 3,000-meter race.  and Buster Logan PR’d in the shot put 29-foot throw. Chemawa closes out the regular season at Gervais for the Jeannine James Invitational on May 13 and the 2A Special District 2 Championships as the program looks to send its first athlete to the State Meet since the 2019 season when Clement Afterbuffalo went for the 800-meters and 1,500-meter races.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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