Santiam Falls To Catlin Gabel At Volcanoes Stadium

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore–  For such a young team, there was moments of great things for the Santiam baseball team Friday afternoon against Catlin Gabel at Volcanoes Stadium.  Little plays like Collin Storey completing the pick-off move at third to end the third inning, Payte Hansen’s 2RBI double that got the Wolverines on the bottom the bottom half of the third inning.  Just the little things for them to build upon moving into the Scio Spring Break Round Robin this next week.

“That’ll be great to build upon.  It was a really good inning, I got that hit and that brought up some of the guys and we strive for that,” Hansen said.  “I hope we can keep on improving from here on out and get some wins and less losses.”

Being more fluid will be crucial points Hansen coming out of the Volcanoes Spring Break Tournament, being their second game of the season, being able to communicate on the diamond will be important as they progress into the season.  Amity, Harrisburg and Gaston await them in Scio between Tuesday and Thursday this next week coming off of their tough 13-4 defeat to the Eagles with the squad looking to take that next step.

“Just being more fluid.  Fluid, calling each other off and a lot more talkative, a lot more communication,” Hansen points.

Logan Hays led Santiam with two hits and struck out two pitching to go with Hansen’s team-high of 2RBI’s.  Lukus Lebahn had an RBI hit, an single, in the bottom half of the third to cap a three-run third inning by Santiam.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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