Track Round-Up: Jefferson Jump-Off Meet

By Jeremy McDonald

Jefferson held the Jefferson Jump-Off Saturday with the Lions, Scio, Willamette Valley Christian and Falls City having athlete’s winning events.

Here’s a little rundown of the results:


Willamette Valley Chirstian’s Caleb Reichelt jumped six-feet in the High Jump, winning the event by eight-inches over Jefferson’s Andrew Keena (5’4″).  Falls City’s Kirk Davis was third with a jumpe of five-foot-four-inches.

Scio’s Levi Forson won the Pole Vault with a jump of 10-feet.  Jefferson’s Calvin Grantom (nine-feet-six-inches) and Lions teammate Rocky Zachary (eight-feet-six-inches) finished second and third.

Scio’s Jaden Franklin won the Long Jump with a 17-feet-4.5-inch jump.  Falls City’s Kirk Davis (17-feet-1.5-inches) and Willamette Valley Christian’s Aaden Ackley (16-feet-9.5-inches) were second and third.

Falls City went one, two, three in the Triple Jump.Kirk Davis won the event at 37-feet-one-inch with Elliott Foust (34-feet-four-inches) finishing second and Chris Sickles (33-feet-0.5-inches) going third.


Falls City went one, two, three in the High Jump.Nadia Meyers was first and Elyssa Burgess was second as the sophomore duo both jumped four-feet.  Alyssa Webb was third with a jump for three-feet-ten-inches.

Scio’s Vivy Hirschfelder won the Pole Vault with a jump of six-feet-six-inches.  Jefferson’s Holly Gay (six-feet) and Emily Zamuidio (six-feet) finished second and third respectively.

Scio’s Maddy Bockelman won the Long Jump with a jump of 13-feet-two-inches.  The Lions Holly Gay (12-feet-six-inches) and  the Loggers Emily Zamuidio (12-feet-2-inches) were second and third.

Jefferson’s Riley Kemmer won the Triple Jump with a jump of 25-feet-2.5-inches.  Falls City Elyssa Burgess was second with a jump of 23-feet-9.5-inches and Toledo’s Kora Pettis was third at 23-feet-9.5-inches.


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