PacWest Conference Boys Basketball League Honors

By Jeremy Mcdonald

Dayton’s Boston Hodges won Player of the Year and the Pirates Ron Hop won Coach of the Year honors in PacWest Conference play for this season.

Here’s the complete list:
First Team
Michael Freeborn- Dayton
Colby Nyseth-Amity
Hunter Courtney- Jefferson
Lucas Ashley-Dayton
Ben Bourne- Santiam Christian
Boston Hodges-Dayton

Jefferson’s Hunter Courtney was one of two Lions, along with Trevor Withee, to be named to thr PacWest Conference League Honors this Fall (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team
Camden Carley-Santiam Christian
Trent Carton-Amity
Cesar Casillas-Sheridan
Evan Berkey-Amity
Jacob Yenchick-Santiam Christian
Trae Wall-Dayton

Scio’s Andrew Ferguson (23) was the lone Logger to be named to the PacWest Conference League Honors this season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention
Caleb Primbs-Dayton
Trevor Withee- Jefferson
Caden Trimmer-Santiam Christian
Gavin Koceja-Taft
Osbaldo Vasquez-Jefferson
Nik Wittrock-Sheridan
George Meeker-Amity
Baron Delameter- Taft
Andrew Ferguson-Scio


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