TRC Boys Basketball Honors

By Jeremy Mcdonald

Jackson Oglesby won Player of the Year.  Ben Brown and JD Hill were named Co-Coach of the Year.

Here’s the complete list:

1st team

Jackson Oglesby-Salem Academy 

Ezra Downey-Santiam

Ethan Kleinschmit-Kennedy

Gavin Hall-Western Christian 

Diego Aguilar-Regis

Daniel Maza-Blanchet Catholic 

Cohen Haller-Willamina 

Gage Twede-Santiam 

Regis’ Isaiah Koehnke was named to the second-team all TRC team as a sophomore (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Lucas Zook-Western Christian 

Landen Mitchell-Salem Academy 

Isaiah Koehnke-Regis 

Brett Boen-Kennedy

Jaren Oglesby-Salem Academy 

Quentin Clark- Santiam 

Logan Macy-Culver

Michael Irvin-Colton

The Blanchet Catholic Boys Basketball team saw Daniel Maza named to the first-team and had three total named to the TRC League Honors (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Third Team

Kuga Matsumoto-Western Christian 

Juan Esquivel-Gervais

Kaleb Cruickshank-Williamina

Charlie Beyer-Kennedy

Jesse Dana-Santiam

Neal Chinodakufa-Delphian

Mateo Schutt-Salem Academy 

Logan Hill-Western Christian

Honorable Mention 

Noah Koenig-Regis

Dylan Graham-Willamina

Luke Beyer-Kennedy

Carson Banning-Blanchet

Gotti Ramon-Gervais

Lucas Curry-Delphian

Jesse Bauldree-Salem Academy 

Logan Pierce-Colton

Xavier Vital-Santiam

Trenton Stafford-Santiam

Jordan Evan-Colton

Josh Blish-Regis

William Schaecher-Kennedy

Jesse Gudio-Gervais

Luke Molan-Salem Academy 

Evans Bi-Delphian

Matthew Iig-Blanchet 


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