Sprague’s Collins Signs With Western Oregon University For Football

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Sprague’s Casen Collins only knows of one-speed.  Going hard and not giving up.

Broken thumb his freshman year.  Torn meniscus his junior year and each time the Olympian football player bounces back stronger and ready to go.  Something that he points towards his family instilling into him from a young age and that way of thinking and approach has landed the senior football player among a select few in playing football at the next level.  Signing his Letter of Intent to play football at Western Oregon University.

Proving that he can overcome any kind of adversity thanks to those around him and how Collins applied himself in PT to get healthy and riding the course to this moment Wednesday morning before school.

“It’s just how I was raised.  Just my parents, my family, the people surrounding me.  It’s never an option to give up and it’s something that we always talk about.  So I used that and applied it to myself, knowing that I can never give up.  I just got to keep working hard and I had to make it back onto the field,” Collins described.  “On top of me not giving up, my coaches never gave up either.  They really believed in me and they always gave me equal opportunity to jump right back in and they knew that I was working hard in Physical Therapy and working hard to keep my mind right.  They really helped me succeed.”

Collins has been described as a high-character guy and with his sheer willpower and determination as he helped Sprague to a 6-5 record and a second round appearance in the Columbia Cup Playoffs this past Fall.  Knowing the task at hand and the uphill slope he’s going to face ahead with the level of competition he’s about to take part in, his mindset and philosophy that’s helped him to get in the door at WOU. 

“Going into college, playing college sports is a little bit different.  I’m probably going to redshirt my freshman year.  But I just can’t give up, knowing that I’m not going to see the field as soon.  I can’t give up and I have to continue to work hard and impress coaches, show that I’m a learner by action and not by words.  I believe I’ll see the field that way,” Collins said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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