Blanchet Catholic Pulls Away In Second Half Against Culver

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Something just clicked for the Blanchet Catholic Girls Basketball team in the second half in their (score) win over Culver Thursday.

The defense was there, so was the offense, in the first half as they led the Bulldogs of Central Oregon 21-15 at the break.  But they turned on the heat and began to pull away in the third quarter in the Tri-River Conference game, leading 32-19 after three and led 43-21 with 3:50 left in the game. Stringing together their first two-game winning strike of the season in the process.

It was a clutch factor that they found.  the will to win after how the season is going.  Stepping up to the challenge and adversity to close out the big time victory for the squad.

“We’ve been losing a lot this season and we just wanted the win.  We were just motivated, the talk we had in the locker room at halftime and it helped us to win.  It’s just more motivation because we just keep those wins and keep wanting to win,” Alana Jensen said.

Jensen scored four points in the win, Abby Weber led the way with 14 points with two three-pointers.Thalia Lazarus had eight points and Grace Weber contributed another seven in the win as the Cavaliers will have a quick turnaround with a tough Gervais team on Friday.


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