Gervais’ Comeback Falls Short Against Sutherlin

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  The Gervais Girls Basketball team came out sluggish against powerhouse Sutherlin Thursday morning with the local Cougars team spotting the Bulldogs with a 16-4 lead to start the game.

But thanks to a 17-8 second quarter, Gervais pulled the game back within reach going into halftime down 24-21 and even tied the game at 44 in the fourth quarter in the tough 48-47 Sutherlin victory.

The Cougs had three opportunities, including one at the end of the game, to take the win at the Salem Academy Crusader Classic, but the Bulldogs anchored down to ensure they advanced to the bracket finals Friday.

“I think we weren’t super awake there yet (in the first quarter) and in the game.  We were all tired and not completely there, but after that first half we came together as a team and we didn’t come out with teh win but we played strongly,” Addy McCargar said.  “I was super excited for my team and I wanted them to win, they worked very hard.  It proved a lot for us, it proved to us that we’re capable of beating teams like Sutherlin and maybe other teams better than them.  But we’re capable of getting the win.”

McCargar contributed ten points.  Olivia Boyd led the Cougars with 18 points as the squad awaits the loser of Country Christian-Amity.  Micah Wicks of Sutherlin had a game-high 28 points in the win.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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