Gervais Hangs On For Road Victory At Amity

By Jeremy McDonald

MITY, Ore.–  Amity’s speed, aggressive play and tempo had took full advantage of Gervais’ slow start during the first half of Wednesday’s game with the Warriors leading the Cougars 27-17 at one point.

“We did well in the first half and then the third quarter, our intensity dropped a little bit.  It wasn’t as consistent as the first half,” the Warriors Adie Nisly starts.  “I think our energy needs to stay up, playing together, congratulating each other and picking each other up.”

Slowly, the tide began to turn in favor of Gervais as they began to get back into game.  Getting the game to 29-27 and rallied to take a 41-39 lead in the third quarter after being down 38-29 at halftime.

It seemed fitting almost, as they were down ten in the first half, they eventually led 54-46 midway through the fourth quarter.

But they would have to survive a late surge by the Warriors, who brought the game within three with about a minute left before some late free throws iced the Gervais win 64-59.

“We had to set up a whole new offense than what we had before to make sure we weren’t turning the ball over and getting out of the trap (defense),” the Cougars Ava Sellers said.  “To be able to adjust comes back to our chemistry.”

Sellers finished with 11 points as Olivia Boyd led Gervais with 20 points.  Adie Nisly led the Warriors with 22 points. 

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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