North Marion Advances To 4A State Semi-Finals

By Jeremy McDonald

CANBY, Ore.– Scappoose just kept pushing tempo, challenging North Marion on both sides of the ball in the two squads 4A State Quarterfinals.  They kept the Huskie offense, anchored by Calie Lader and Saylor Swanson. In check.  The Indians offense kept Ally Coulombe on her toes, working to keep Scappoose off the board.

The senior wasn’t going to let her last game be here and now on a cold Saturday afternoon.  Her team even had that mindset that it wasn’t going to end on this day.

Swanson scored off a PK and off an awkward goalie kick in the first half that put North Marion ahead 2-0 going into halftime as both teams came out of the halftime break just as aggressive as they ended it.

“Every shot they took I thought, ‘this could be my last save.  This could be my last game and I can’t let that happen’,’ ‘ described Coulombe.  “There were some scary shots and saves I barely made.”

“My teammates got (the ball) to me.  Sofia (Vatcher) had to push the goalie and shield the second one to go in and it feels good, but I can’t take all the credit,” adds the senior in Swanson.

Ally Coulombe reads the play in front of her as the Huskies defense pitched their 11th shutout of the season Saturday (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Neither team could finish opportunities, frustrations were there.  But it remained an even matchup despite the difference on the scoreboard going into the final ten minutes of the game.

Lader went for the dagger with six to play, only to be saved.  If anything, this game will help the Huskies now heading to another 4A State Semi-Final round on Tuesday.

“It’s definitely good to go prepared into games facing a tough defense.  (Scapposse) is really similar to other teams that we’ve played and I think we’re going into Top four most prepared because we’ve had Philomath, Newport and Scappoose all in our games,” Swanson said.  “So it definitely prepares us.  It’s good to play against a good team and come out with a win.”

They’re one step closer to their goal of reaching the 4A State Finals as they await their next opposition, either Oregon West Conference-foe Philomath or Marist Catholic on Tuesday evening for a berth in next Saturday’s State Title Game.

And to boot, the Huskie defense pitched their 11th shutout of the season, tying a program record set by Mallory Patzer’s defense from last year’s team as they look to improve for their next game.

“Possession.  We’re a very good passing team and are always something we need to work on,” Coulombe said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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