Mid-Willamette Conference Boys Soccer Honors

By Jeremy McDonald


McKay’s Juan Llamas won Coach of the Year and the Scots Diego Garibay won Player of the Year

Here’s the Complete List

1st Team
Luis Camacho Sophomore McKay
David Garcia Junior McKay
Sergio Ruiz Junior McKay
Abdoulie Jallow Junior McKay
Diego Garibay (Goalkeeper) Senior McKay
Jairo Perez-Santiago Senior Woodburn
Jose Guzman Junior Woodburn
Giovanni Lopez Junior Woodburn
Devin LaCasse-Tran Junior West Albany
Henry Catlin Junior West Albany
Kian Mueller Junior Crescent Valley
Ryan John Junior Corvallis

2nd Team
Miguel Garcia Junior McKay
Musa Jallow Junior McKay
Cesar Velasquez Junior McKay
Julio Gasca Junior Woodburn
Spencer Karsseboom Senior Woodburn
Alexis Guiterrez (Goalkeeper) Senior Woodburn
Jonathan Fiscal Junior West Albany
Marvin Gamboa-Hernandez Junior West Albany
Everett Chrsitensen Junior Crescent Valley
Jason Leon Senior Silverton
Peter Conrad Junior Corvallis
Ben Perez Junior Corvallis

Silverton fielded one on the second team and two on the Honorable Mention team following their 3-9-2 season and 3-5 in MWC- play (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention
Ian Gomez Sophomore McKay
Sixto Chavez Junior McKay
Luis Garza Junior Woodburn
Chris Amezcua Junior Woodburn
Julian Romero Freshman West Albany
Carter McGowan Junior West Albany
Kai Hoogester Sophomore Crescent Valley
Nicolas Merten Senior Crescent Valley
Kellen Filker Sophomore Corvallis
Guz Lerczak Senior Corvallis
Eli West Senior Silverton
Travis Grimes Junior Silverton
Aldo Ramirez Sophomore South Albany
Yahir Lira Senior South Albany
Ethan Parrish Junior Lebanon
Jackson Parrish Senior South Albany
Juan Ayon Central
Sabaztian Nunez Central


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