CVC Girls Soccer Honors

By Jeremy Mcdonald

South Salem’s Maggie Lapray was Goalkeeper of the Year and Player of the Year for the Central Valley Conference. Sprague’s Francisco Marinez-Cruz and West Salem’s Benje Orozco were Co-Coaches of the Year

First Team
Tessa Fisher McNary M 12
Kaelynn King McNary D 10
Ashley Ramirez Garcia North Salem D 11
Maeve Morris South Salem F 11
Mya Fry South Salem F 12
Izzy Flores South Salem F 11
Amity Rogers Sprague F 11
Jenna Ralls Sprague D 10

Lauren Duke West Salem M 12
Kate Endler West Salem D 10
Morgan Duke West Salem F 11
Morgan Dorsey-DuQuesne West Salem F 12

Sprague’s Amity Rogers (9) was named to the first-team All-League (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team
Sydnee Alfano McNary F 12
Maya Alston McNary M 11
Gabriela Rodriguez-Evans North Salem M 11
Samantha Alvarez North Salem M 11
Aurora Gutterman-Johns South Salem D 11
Avery Anunsen South Salem D 11
Sam Lute South Salem M 12
Minaya Winchester Sprague M 11
Tatum Kiger Sprague M 10
Emorie Loewen West Salem M 10
Ciela Acosta West Salem M 12
Jillian Colello West Salem D 12

Goalkeeper Daniela Jimenez West Salem 9

West Salem’s Emorie Loewen (11) was one of three West Salem players to be named to the second-team this Fall (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention
Hannah Ferguson McNary GK 11
Peyton Olafson McNary M 12
Nicole Schnurbusch McNary M 11
Yesenia Rodriguez North Salem F 9
Mikaela Gutierrez North Salem D 11
Sarah Garcia North Salem M 9
Zoie Lashmett South Salem D 12
Skyler Bennett South Salem M 12
Aly Ulmer South Salem M 12
Alexandra Carranza Sprague D 10
Madi Rand Sprague D 11
Rowan Bennett Sprague D 10
Madelyn Diaz West Salem D 12
Ali Diaz West Salem M 9
Mia Zelinka West Salem D 12


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