MWC Volleyball Honors

By Jeremy McDonald

Silverton’s Alexis Haury was named Mid-Willamette Conference MVP and Crescent Valley’s Troy Shorey was named Coach of the Year.

Here’s the Complete List:

First Team

Outside Hitter

Kendyl Arnett Jr. -West Albany

Isabella Jacobson So – Crescent Valley

Middle Blocker

Tessa Zimmerman Sr. – West Albany

Taelyn Bentley So. – Crescent Valley


Kamden Mitchell So. – Crescent Valley

Avery Hughes Sr. – West Albany


Danielle Street Jr. – Crescent Valley

Defensive Specialist

Karsen Angel Sr. – South Albany

Right Side/Opp

Phoebe Appah Sr. – Corvallis

Dallas’ Hannah Callaway was named to the second-team as a senior in 2022 as the Dragons enter the 5A Playoffs as the 15-seed (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Outside Hitter

Rowan Reilley Sr. -Silverton

Samantha Scott Sr.- South Albany

Middle Blocker

Ella Smith Sr. – Corvallis

Hannah Callaway Sr. -Dallas


Brookly Willard Sr. – South Albany

Grace Hannan Jr. – Dallas


Gracie Jensen Jr. -Silverton

Defensive Specialist

Kiah Hollister Sr. – Crescent Valley

Right Side/Opp

Lilli Pankey Sr. – Woodburn

Silverton’s Grace Jensen (2) was named to the second-team as Libero as the Foxes enter the 5A playoffs as the five-seed (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention

Outside Hitter

Sophia Terwilliger Sr. – Crescent Valley

Mylee Blake So. -West Albany

Brooke Van Well Jr. -Dallas

Orianna Campbell Sr.- Corvallis

Olivia Hale Sr. – Dallas

Kaileah Peterson Sr. – Woodburn

Nadiah Luna So. – McKay

Kaylee Gomora Jr – McKay

Kendall Seidel Sr – Central

Middle Blocker

Tayler Westfall Sr. – Silverton

Olivia Rosborough Sr. – Silverton

Taylor Donaldson Fr. – South Albany

Leah Mattson Sr. – Crescent Valley

Jenna Konzelman Jr. – West Albany

Abby Houge Sr. – Lebanon

Alizabeth Floro Sr. – South Albany

Alexandra Toran Sr. – Woodburn

Kiarah Bryant Jr. – Woodburn


Lindsey Schmidt Sr. – Silverton

Alexa Schnell So. – Corvallis

Ashly Barba Jr. – Central

Jannah Jimenez Jr. – Lebanon

Isabella Sanchez Sr. – Woodburn


Taylor Thompsom Jr. – West Albany

Kaelyn Goldem Jr. -Dallas

Wren Mason Jr. – Corvallis

Isabella Espinoza Bravo Jr. – McKay

Madeline Angel Fr. – South Albany

Daiana Rodriguez Sr. – Woodburn

Defensive Specialist

Lauren Bernt Jr. – West Albany

Eden Maloney Sr. – West Albany

Right Side/Opp

Savanna Walker Fr. – Lebanon

Ruby Shumaker Sr. – South Albany

Ashlynn Langum Sr. South Albany


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