Borde, Stayton Takes Home Homecoming Victory

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  Stayton’s Ty Borde had it tonight.  Had the gaps and holes opened up by his offensive line and it had that mentality that he was going to enforce his will out there on Homecoming against North Bend Friday night.

The senior running back had roughly 203 yards on the ground and scored three rushing touchdowns in the Eagles 54-14 win over the Bulldogs at Stayton High School.

“Just letting my line work and finding the open hole.  That was it, just letting my line block,” Borde said.  “It was a really big game and it feels great to come out and take the win on Homecoming.  It sets the tone for the next few weeks, so it’s nice we did good.”

Bishop Smydz and Borde got the first two of three turnovers in the first half for Stayton.  The Eagles scored on all three occasions that helped spark them to take a 34-7 lead going into the halftime break.  North Bend’s Isaiah Dibella had the lone score for the ‘Dogs, coming off a three-yard strike midway through the quarter.

“From the very beginning, from those first few plays off the (first) turnover started the whole rally off to give us a good game in general.  It was fun to see,” Brock Hubert said.   “We have to take our mistakes in this game and work hard in practice.  Keep practicing hard week-by-week and get better.”

Hubert, who plays Tight Eng, joked that he probably knew that Borde, Cody Leming and Tanner Starbuck, all who scored in the win, were probably exhausted considering how little the Stayton offense threw in the game.  Leming threw for 157 yards, but having 67 yards on the ground, as Hubert points to them continuing to work on the little things like blocking, route running and alignments going into this next week.  Travis King also had a rushing score in the win during the fourth quarter that enforced the running clock for the final two-plus minutes of the game.

This next week will be the Eagles final road trip as they head to Cottage Grove before hosting Sweet Home and Cascade to close out the regular season.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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