Cascade Slips By North Marion 1-0

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.–  Cascade rose to the occasion Tuesday afternoon at Cascade High School against the North Marion Boys Soccer team and matched the intensity of the Huskies as they etched out a 1-0 victory over their Oregon West Conference opposition on this day.  The lone goal came way of a second half free kick by Bryan Cortes that just got by the finger tips of North Marion’s Jonathan Villejo to give the hometown Cougars the slight advantage early on.

“It was extremely important for us, especially since we started off on a bad foot this season.  But we’re going on our way up and this is the start of it and today, we proved that as a team we’re going to get after it,” Cortes said.  “We were working together as a team from the start, pressing together and matching the intensity.  We knew that this was the game to win.  We got stuff to improve and we’ll improve.”

The OWC for Boys Soccer has eerie similar traits to how the Boys Basketball-version of the league has.  Similar in that there’s no easy games out and anyone can beat you on any given game.  Add in the re-introduction of North Marion to the mix and it really sends home to how fun this league is.  

Both North Marion and Cascade wrap up their first loop through league Thursday as the Cougars took the first meeting Tuesday 1-0 in Turner (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

And like their game against Stayton a few days ago, the Huskies slowly increased their physicality and aggression.  Something that Cascade too rose up to match as the upstart Cougars didn’t backdown to the established brand in North Marion.  Knowing that the Eagles and Philomath are ahead of them in the league standings, neither team wanted to give ground knowing how hard it may be to make it up.

But again, playing everyone twice and with the talent in the league, anything is possible as both teams still needing to play each other once more before playoffs.

“It’s always nice about the best teams, it’ll make us better.  We need to work on our aggression, we know today we didn’t play our best and we’re going to make it work,” said the Huskies Cole Boughal.  “We know that we have the skills, we know we have the talent, we just got to get our heads straight and we know that we can get it done.”

North Marion will look to get back on track with Sweet Home at home on Thursday to close out the first loop through league before heading to Newport next week.  Cascade wraps up the first loop of league with a roadtrip to Newport on Thursday before heading to Philomath next week.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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