West Salem’s Dorsey-DuQuesne Leaving Her Mark

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  Morgan Dorsey-DuQuesne has been around the game of soccer for about ten years now, calling it her escape from reality and a second home as she is one of seven seniors on the West Salem High School Girls Soccer team this season.  Enjoying the moments as the Titans sit 5-0-3 eight games into the season.

“To me, soccer feels like a second home to me.  As soon as I step on the field, I forget everything that’s out there and just focus on playing and having fun.  It’s been a huge part of my life and I don’t know where I’d be without soccer and I’ll see where it takes me,” Dorsey-DuQuesne said.

Coming in as a freshman, Dorsey-DuQuesne knew the program was traditionally strong and continued to be strong going into her first year with a 6A State Semifinal appearance.  Despite how daunting joining a program like that was, Dorsey-DuQuesne pointed to how welcoming the program, the team and the program was as she eventually worked her way up to the Varsity level.  

Now as a leader of the program, it’s her turn to leave her mark.  A physical presence as her and Morgan Duke have been the leading scorers for the squad this season.  Leaving her mark by bringing out the best in her teammates, expecting them to go as hard as she’s going and respecting them as equals on the pitch.

Dorsey-DuQuesne (center with knee tape) and her West Salem teammates doing some light cardio during Wednesday’s ‘recovery’ practice (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I don’t treat any of the underclassmen any differently.  When we’re scrimmaging, I just go as physical on them as anybody else because I want to treat them just like any other player.  They’re on the field, they’re a threat no matter how young they are.  And I think treating them with respect and they’ll treat you with respect,” Dorsey-DuQuesne said of being a leader.  “To me, it means showing up every day and being ready to work and being ready to put in the effort even if a lot of us are tired and just being a reliable player.”

Wednesday was an easier day for West Salem in a sense with a recovery day before picking it back up Thursday in preparation for Friday’s game against South Salem at South.  For Dorsey-DuQuesne and her senior teammates, they want to leave their marks by bringing the team together as one.  That it doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, if you’re on the field, you’re family and everyone is together as one.

“This year we’re really focusing on being a lot more inclusive with the younger classmen and the younger girls…this year we’re focusing on being a team and not separating by classes,” Dorsey-DuQuesne said. 

The kickoff for the Titan-Saxon game will be a 5pm start.


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