Dallas Wins First Game of Year 33-21 Over McKay

By Jeremy McDonald


DALLAS, Ore.–   Dallas was wheeling as McKay was closing out the third quarter driving down the field Friday night.

The Scots had just wheeled off 21-straight points and were looking to add to their 21-14 lead, the Dragons were hoping for a stop.

With their feet closing onto their end zone, Dallas got a fourth-down stop and began to march down the field going into the fourth quarter.  The running game was coming along with the Dragons eventually taking the lead off of a Dalton Baker 21-yard dash with his offense getting the two-point conversion to retake the lead at the 10:26 mark of the fourth frame.  Just building momentum just step at a time as the final frame started Friday evening.

“We just built off of that and just building, building and building into a bigger snowball,” Baker said, who had two touchdowns in the win.  “It was all a fight.  We always fight and the fourth quarter is always our quarter

McKay had their own goal line stand with 4:48 left in the game.  Jamahl Wilson, who had two touchdowns as well in their rally back into the game, had two nice plays to open the drive to give his offense starting on their own one.

Belief was there that they had a chance to retake the lead as Dallas had earlier in the quarter.

“I felt that our energy went up after that stop, that energy really went up.  But we didn’t execute and that’s what it came down to…execution and we didn’t execute.  But I know that we have it in us to come back next week and take on South Albany,” Wilson said.

Jamhal Wilson (6) scored two of the three touchdowns during McKay’s 21-point run with Justice Anthony (5) scoring the other on a reception score as McKay led 21-14 in the thrid quarter after being down 14-0 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

But the Dragons bunkered down once more.  Forcing another four-down stop.  Taking over with 3:30 left in the game on McKay’s 21-yardline as Emilio Miranda scampered for a 13-yard run to open the drive.  The senior scored on the next play to give Dallas a 30-21 following the two-point conversion with 2:46 left in the game.

The ensuing kickoff was funky though.  An awkward bounce and a late read by McKay allowed Dallas to regain possession.

A field goal by Noah Darland and a Brock Dunkin interception helped ice the 33-21 win, capping a 19-point fourth quarter by the Dragons for their first win of the season.

With both teams on the road next week, the Scots at South Albany next Friday while Dallas heads to Lebanon, Friday’s game was a good opportunity to improve and get better going into Week 3 of the season.

“As coach said, keep chopping the tree and keep chopping at it and eventually it will fiall.  The line kept getting low and kept getting out there and our backs were following,” Dallas’ Brock Dunkin said. “It’s a good opportunity for us.  We’re getting better every single day, working at practice.”

“Lebanon really helped us realize where our mistakes were and it helped us what we need to get better on, espically this game too.  Both games, power, counter, we just need to learn how to take the read-steps and stay discipline,” Wilson said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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