Sprague Boys Soccer Snaps 11-Game Skid

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.– Sprague has finally done it.  After 11 games in which they tied once and dropped ten heartbreaking games, the Olympian Boys Soccer team’s back in the win column.  Their last game came September 13 against Milwaukie, a 8-0 victory before their 2-0 win over Silverton on Thursday.

Their defense matched that of the Foxes, inconsistencies in Silverton’s offense allowed Sprague to flirt with the possibility of victory.

Tied at zero at the halftime break, the Olys continued to push.  Eventually scoring twice in the second half with goals from Carter Farwell (51st) and Caleb Reins (60th) to separate the two squads as their defense finished off the first win in nearly a year.

“We’ve been working so hard, I’m so proud of this team, we’ve put so much work in.  I’m just so happy.  We got a lot more work to do, but it’s a start,” Farwell said.  “Just come out everyday, keep working.  We’re not given anything, we have to earn everything we get and keep putting work in.”

It’s a work in progress.  Sprague as they continue to develop their program and for Silverton, working to polish the smaller details as both teams continue on with their season.

“It helped a lot.  We’re just evening out everything we need to work out and we’re getting there.  Our passing is coming along  a lot better, we’re working more as a team and communicating better, so it’s just pushing us more along,” said Silverton’s 

The Foxes will host North Marion on Monday while the Olympians head to Portland to play Nelson on Monday.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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