Snell’s Return

By Jeremy McDonald

MOUNT ANGEL, Ore.–  Briggs Snell is back.  He’s healthy and he’s ready to go for his senior year at Kennedy.

The Left Tackle and Defensive Lineman for the Trojans is back and ready to go following having a surgery done to repair damage to the Glenoid Cavity of his right shoulder.

The injury occurred Kennedy’s Week 3 against Colton, a 48-8 win, but the then-junior opt’d to keep playing on it and was part of the Trojans run to 2A State Runner-Up in 2021 and even went to 2A/1A Wrestling State at 285-pounds before having the surgery following wrestling state this past season.

“It feels great because we got a few new guys and the team’s looking really hot right now and we’re starting to mold as a team.  A brotherhood and it’s coming along pretty well,” Snell said of coming back healthy.  “I’m just excited to get out there and see what we all do together.  We’re looking for a challenge and we met our match in the State Championship Game and we came home, got in the weight room.  So everyone’s bigger, stronger and faster and I think we’re ready to take on 3A.”

Kennedy going through their walk-through practice Sunday morning in preparation for their jamboree on Friday in Adair Village (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

The fire from their 38-28 defeat to Coquille on November 27, mixed in the Kennedy tradition of excellence, the Trojans are ready for the challenge of 3A.  Returning players like Snell, Matt Hopkins, Brett Boen, Ethan Kleinschmit, Isaac Berning to name a few will anchor the squad in the transition from 2-to-3A this Fall in hopes to make some noise.

“It’ll be a real awakening for everyone in the State that Kennedy stepped up their game to 3A and still held their ground if we can get it done.  If we all can push through and all work together as a brotherhood, then we’ll be able to get it done,” said Snell.  “We all stepped up into the (leadership) role.  We don’t have Riley (Cantu), so we found our top few guys that are leading the team now to push each other in practice.”

Snell points to the junior class his freshman year in the tone-setter for him preparing for the tough moments like what’s happened and what will come ahead for Snell and the Kennedy Trojans going into this season.

“It’s huge.  When I came in as a freshman, the junior class…so Cole Boen and all those guys.  They were the guys who taught me everything.  Gummy (Camryn Biegel) and all those guys really taught us everything.  They taught us how to win and what to do to get those last little scrap yards.  You gotta fight for every inch and you’re not given anything,” described Snell.

The Trojans will head to Santiam Christian Friday before kicking off the season September 2 versus Stanfield before heading to Siuslaw September 9.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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