McNary Lacrosse Honors Proulx

By Jeremy McDonald

KEIZER, Ore.–  Lacrosse is family.  Through thick and thin, they got your back.

Friday night.  In the parking lot of McNary High School.  The Celtic Lacrosse team, and those who knew 2022 McNary-grad Jamison ‘Jami’ Proulx, flooded the parking lot on this evening.  Honoring Proulx, who passed away earlier this week in a car accident.

Emotions were high.  Tears were there as were hugs as the large group present lit candles, released balloons in honor of the person they knew in Proulx.  Humbled and thought of you over himself.  A few stories were told during the ceremony with everyone remembering the person that Proulx was.  Proulx’s number 14 jersey was on the table that faced the large group of supporters on this late Summer’s evening. On the left, it stood alone while on the right side of the table, another number 14 jersey was next to Jesse Proulx’s number 20. Jesse and Jami are twins.

On the lacrosse field, he did whatever he was asked to help McNary.  Attack, Midfield, you name it he did it.  This past season, his senior year, the Celtics went 10-9 overall and 5-1 in North Valley Conference play as they reached the Championship Bracket Playoffs this past Spring, falling to Oregon City in the first round.

Jami Proulx’s number 14 jersey sits next to twin brother’s Jesse Proulx’s number 20 jersey as Jami Proulx was honored Friday night at McNary High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Gone too soon.  But never forgotten.  Those in attendance, showing their support won’t forget the person that Jami Proulx was when he was alive as those in attendance slowly made their way home.

For Proulx’s twin brother, Jessie, who played alongside his brother and his extended family from the McNary Lacrosse team Friday night.  It was awesome to see all the support provided by the local community for his brother.

“I think it really helped to know that someone like Jami really does make a change and it’s worth it.  The struggle after Covid, everything, Lacrosse and going through life with somebody like that and seeing what they go through and see how they treat people in actuality and helping people in the world regardless of who they are, where they come from, what they say or do because (Jami) will take you for you and he’ll give you the time of day.  And I think that’s the most rare kind of thing there is,” Jesse Proulx said of his brother.

If you would like to help the family in any fashion please visit: to support the family.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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