The Natural Competitor

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.–  Camp week is always a fun time to kick back and have some fun with your teammates before the real fun begins on the other side of the weekend that’s approaching.  And for South Salem senior Mya Fry, it was a nice break from her natural competitiveness before the start of her final season in a Saxon uniform that’s about to start on Monday with her last first practice.

The squad were having fun.  Laughing and smiling as they wrapped up their final morning of team camp Thursday at Gilmore City Park, playing games and in essence, bonding together as a team before they turn their focus to the hard work of the season ahead.

A nice change of pace for the Weber State-commit in Fry and her teammates.

“It was definitely a lot of fun.  Next week is going to be a little bit different.  It’s a little hard too, being so competitive it’s hard for me to have fun at first at these things.  Like it took me a few days to get into the fact this is the fun week, it doesn’t matter the level of play doesn’t matter as much,” Fry said.

Having played the game of soccer since she’s been four-years-old, the sport has meant so much for Fry.  It’s a stress reliever when she’s upset or frustrated.  The team environment helped her mature as an athlete.  Being a captain, with her junior year was her first year being a captain with the South Salem team, helped her as well in controlling her emotions on the field so she can be a good example for her teammates.

Fry (center, purple) and a few of her teammates competing in a drill at the end of Team Camp Thursday morning at Gilmore City Park (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s definitely meant a lot to me.  Whenever I’m upset or frustrated I can just go out and kick the ball around.  The team environment has matured me through the years and helped me in so many different aspects.  Being a captain and having that leadership role has helped me control my emotions on the field better because I want to set a good example for everyone on the team,” Fry starts.  “It’s definitely really important, last year was my first year on the High School team being a captain.  But I’ve been captains on other club teams throughout my years and it’s really important to me because I love pushing people and getting people hyped.

“Like if we’re down 1-0, I think one of the things that I recognized in myself that I do differently than other people is that I’ll go sprint to get the ball and set it up and get ready to play.  ‘That’s behind us, we got to move on and we got to get ready’.”

Now that Camp is behind them, the season is fast approaching that they need to get ready for.  They got a jamboree at McMinnville on August 25 and their first game of the year at Lebanon at 4:30pm to open the season, their home opener is scheduled for September 2 against Newberg at 5pm; optimism is high as they return all but one from their playoff team from 2021 and a senior-heavy crew that includes Fry going into the season.

“I think it’ll be so good, we only lost one senior from last year and we pretty much have the same team.  All the other teams in our conference lost a lot of seniors and we definitely have the team chemistry, especially after today.  It’s going to be good,” Fry said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald

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