2A/1A Softball All-State

By Jeremy McDonald


Grant Union’s Riley Robertson and Emily Philibert from Lakeview were Co-Players of the Year. Tyler McNeley (Lakeview) and Drew Williams (GU) were Co-Pitcher of the year) Lakeview’s Sam Tacchini was Coach of the Year.

Here’s the Complete List

First Team
Tyler McNeley-Lakeview
Drew Williams-GU
Jenna Hopkins- Kennedy

2nd Team
Mariah Frederic- Toledo
Hallie Vaugh- North Douglas
Callie Glen- Union

Thirs Team
Anna Belloir- Glide
Naylie Hart- Jefferson
Hanna Dietrichts- Knappa

First Team
Emily Philibert-Lakeview
Riley Robertson-GU
Peyton Geiger- Glide
Hannah Reed-Toledo
Lyndie Hurliman- Nestucca

Second Team
Grace Lindemann-Santiam
Lailah Ward-ND
Lexi Fern- Gaston

Third Team Avery Turner-Lowell
Faith McCarty- Echo

First Base
Paige Gerry-GU
Morgan Kyle-Kennedy
Second Team
Brooklyn Williams-ND

Third Team
Kadence Teel-Bandon

First Team
Bridget Shullanberger-Lakeview
Annikah Tacchini-Lakeview
Savannah Watterson-GU
Lily Alford-Jefferson
Rachel Strober- Nestucca
Cameron Fisher-Toledo
Emily Hull-Monroe

Jefferson fielded three on the 2A/1A All-State List this past Spring as the Lions went 17-5 this past Spring (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team
Kaylin Nowak-Union
Maddie Forste-Santiam
Hayley Johnson- Gaston
Kyla Hurliman- Nestucca
Grace McCollam- Lost River
Taylor Longhorn- Echo
Asia Ward-ND

Thrid Team
Makayla Moore- Rogue River
Natalie Langford- Pilot Rock
Shaunti Rosales- Culver
Ashlie Ramerez- Central Linn
Kaitlin Mattson- Monroe
Abby Cavazoa- St. Paul

First Team
Addy Northway-GU
Elka Fisher- Toledo
Brooklyn Cyrus- ND
Amander Lawyer- Union

Second Team
Jaila Jackson-Lakeview
Sailor Hill-Kennedy
Lanie Booth- Neah-Kah-Nie
Momi Leininger- Vernonia

Thrid Team
Sam MacDowell-ND
Kamryn Aumock- Glide
Samara Vickery-Jefferson
Katie Smith- Santiam
Neveah Thew-Echo
Madison Lunzman- Pilot Rock
Logen Watkins-Sheridan

First Team
Nita Cook-Vernonia
Raney Anderson-GU
Second Team
Hailee Hordichok-Colton
Danielle Martin-Monroe
Third Team
Rory Inskeep-Coquille
Ellie Witten-Oakland


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