From Small School To D1

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– After many hours of hard work and sacrifice, Blanchet Catholic’s Max Hoskins has seen it all come to fruition when he signed to punt at the University of Iowa.

A four-star punter out of the 3A school, Hoskins described it as patience and waiting for his turn.  Knowing that his time was coming, and when it did he was going to be ready for it.

” For me this was a 7 days a week thing. 2-3 workouts a day from punting to the weight room to conditioning. I knew my time was coming so I wanted to be 100% prepared when it came. I actually began my relationship with Iowa a few weeks prior to the offer with my performance at the Linden Wood Mega Camp,” Hoskins describes.  “It was a camp with a ton of colleges. The camp was major. I performed how I would have liked and because of that it lead to this opportunity.”

In his announcement on social media Monday night and on Tuesday, he points to Coach Aaron Perez, his coaches and Chris Sailer Kicking as key people in helping him get to this point of his career as he now gets ready to head to Iowa City, Iowa.

Max Hoskins (rigth) working with South Salem-grad and Southern Oregon University kicker Tiw Umulap (left) at Regis High School in June of 2020 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“These coaches helped develop me as well as expose me to college coaches and I’m very grateful for that,” Hoskins said.  “Aaron Perez was the one who helped develop into a D1 punter and I’d recommend him to anyone who is dedicated to getting better at punting.”

As for coming from a small school to get a chance to show his stuff.  Hoskins wouldn’t trade it for the world.  It showed him hard work, showed him determination and it showed him the patience needed to get him where he’s at today with Hoskins pointing to two major points.

“I love the fact that I came from a small school. 1. It shows to other athletes that size of school doesn’t matter. If you work hard enough you can play at the D1 level,” he starts.  “2. Coming from a small school I learned to grind and work my butt off. I wasn’t given anything and I had to earn everything. In college I’m going to take the same mentality. I’m going to come in and earn everything and trust God and the process.”


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