The Return Of Allen

By Jeremy McDonald

SALEM, Ore.– Tyler Allen is back on the sidelines.  After a several year hiatus, the former South Salem Head Coach is back coaching after taking over the Silverton Boys Basketball program after the departure of Jamie McCarty.

Allen acknowledge the legacy he set and knows it’s up to him now to continue the trajectory moving into the next chapter of what is the book of Silverton  Boys Basketball.  There’s no nerves really, only focus on what’s next ahead of him and the Silverton program as they kicked off their first several games of the Summer Basketball Season.

“McCarty left the program better than he found it and the task is on me.  There’s no nerves, there’s no expectations.  This is a new chapter in the Silverton book and we continually respect the legacy that he left that he did for who he took over for and that’s how you continue to have a program that respects the history behind it.  You don’t forget about it.  The table he set was the table that’s set for us and we want to continue to build upon that and not have us lose sight of those who work hard before us,” Allen said.

“We’re not rewriting the story.  It’s the ‘Silverton Way’.  I’ve got to learn what that all means and put my experience into that and make it even better.”

Having South Salem-legend in Nick McWilliams and Foxes JV Coach David Morgan with him has been, and will be crucial moving forward, for him to learn the in’s-and-out’s of the program and the community at Allen kicks off his first year at Silverton High School.

Allen watches his team play against Chruchill Sunday evening at the Capital Fieldhouse (formerly The Hoop) as Silverton kicks off the Summer Basketball League season (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“Coach Morgan, he’s been the JV Coach and he’s been huge.  Coach McWilliams, he’s been definitely letting me know kind of the in’s-and-out’s, it’s been important,” said Allen.  “I;m coming in really blind, so my staff having that Silverton experience has been crucial for me.  These assistant coaches have been so amazing.  From my freshman coaches up to my Varsity assistants, even some parents have really  stepped up and helped me feel comfortable here.  Answered any questions that I have had and it’s definitely been huge resources for me.”

And though it’s just Summer Ball, it’s still important for Allen and Silverton to be on the same page for when they re-convene in November with the common understanding of the identity on both sides of the ball.  With the limitations of the nature of the Summer session, it’s hard for sure, but Allen is excited to see where his young squad will be at come Summer’s end as they all embark on this new chapter of Silverton Basketball.

“It’s important.  When it comes to defense, Summer Ball things will be different but defense will be defense and that’s where our guys are going to work on right now.  Once we get some time, I’ve only had these guys for three days of try-outs/practices and the offense isn’t quiet there yet.  But that’s to be expected, but to build an identity is first and the system is second.  We’re still building that identity on both offense and defense.  Once we’ve established that, then we’ll start piecing the parts together and really build a system.

“I’m excited to get to the end of the Summer and really see the growth that these young men have made.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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