MVC Softball Honors

By Jeremy McDonald

Bend saw Addisen Fisher win both Player and Pitcher of the Year as Lava Bears Head Coach Tom Mauldin won Coach of the Year. South Salem, Sprague and McNary fielded at least an athlete on the first-team.

Here’s the Complete List:

First Team
Addisen Fisher Bend 10 Pitcher
Lacey Vasas McNary 11 Pitcher
Rowan Thompson South Salem 10 Pitcher
Heather Ebner McNary 11 Catcher
Mackenzie Scott South Salem 11 Catcher
Violet Loftus Bend 12 Infield
Lena Zahniser Bend 12 Infield
Hannah Ebner McNary 12 Infield

Desi Hatfield South Salem 11 Infield
Hallie Olsen South Salem 11 Infield
Lola Jarrette Summit 12 Infield
Mack Gerlach Summit 11 Infield
Mya Ward West Salem 9 Infield
Gracie Goewey Bend 11 Outfield
Kayelee Schwab McNary 12 Outfield
Bella Fleener South Salem 12 Outfield
Ali Ginsbach Sprague 11 Outfield
Sophia Honse Sprague 12 DH/Utility

Sprague’s Sophia Honse was named first-team DH/Utility and Second-team Pitcher as the Olys went 18-9 in 2022 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team
Ashtyn Clark Mountain View 10 Pitcher
Sophia Honse Sprague 12 Pitcher
Reese Caranna Summit 10 Pitcher
Sophia Weathers Bend 11 Catcher
Callie Stubbs Sprague 10 Catcher
Mia Zachary West Salem 11 Catcher

Emma Sullivan Bend 12 Infield
Allison Parker Bend 11 Infield
Brookelynn Jackson McNary 11 Infield
Megan Smith Sprague 11 Infield
Summer Melena Sprague 10 Infield
Bry Schaefer Bend 10 Outfield
Karah Miller McNary 9 Outfield
Hannah Tapusua South Salem 11 Outfield
Summer Domrude Sprague 12 Outfield
Braeli Martin West Salem 9 Outfield
Emma Cordero South Salem 12 DH/Utility

West Salem’s Braeli Martin and Mia Zachary were named to the second-team All Conference. The Titans went 12-15 on the year (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention
Shyla Nunes Bend 11
Taylor Aldrich Bend 9
Addy Carroll Mountain View 9
Alexis Everist Mountain View 9
Edith Smith South Salem 12
Hayley McCuistion Sprague 12

Olivia Borzy Sprague 10
Kailey Rugani Summit 12
Bella Eliot West Salem 11
Shelby Chapman West Salem 12
Celina Ball West Salem 10


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