Regis’ McMullen Signs With Western Oregon University Football

By Jeremy McDonald

STAYTON, Ore.–  This past season has been tough for Tristan McMullen as he suffered a torn meniscus and had to go through the process and recovery of having it repaired.

But here he was.  Surrounded by his friends, his family.  Signing his Letter of Intent to play football at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.

“I think I’ve always loved the sport, ever since our first Head Coach in football.  Kyle McGrath, he really got me in love with football and I’ve loved it ever since,” McMullen said.  “Senior year wasn’t the greatest year for football.  But having that senior class with me all four years just made it better and to carry over to the other sports like basketball and getting a chance to play again, it just carried on.  I just love playing.”

McMullen knows that it’ll be a lot faster than what he’s used to with the Rams and the 2A level when he joins the Wolves as a receiver.  McMullen was versatile with Regis over his four years in the football program having played safety, defensive back, receiver and running back.  

The latter McMullen played this past season as he hopes the experiences playing all over the place will help him down the road at the college level.

McMullen tosses a football to a friend in Friday morning’s signing at Regis High School (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s going to help out a lot in knowing everything, every position.  Especially with the plays, I feel like every player should know something of every position, you’ll know the plays even more.  You’ll be better than everybody else because you know what everyone else is doing,” McMullen said.

Despite Friday’s doubleheader with East Linn Christian being postponed, McMullen plays on the baseball team at the Rams as well as an infielder, McMullen has his eyes set high for him and his friends entering the home stretch of their season:

“We haven’t won a State Championship yet with my friends, so I think that’ll motivate us to put a banner up for baseball.  Get one State Championship up there,” smiles McMullen.  “That’s our goal.  That’s always been our goal since we got here freshman year and we haven’t reached it yet and now it’s our last chance.”

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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