Molan Returns To Basketball

By Jeremy McDonald

TURNER, Ore.-  2021 Cascade-grad Carson Molan isn’t ready to hang up his sneakers just yet.

After taking a year off, the former Cougar guard and 2020 and 2021 Oregon West Conference Player of the Year has decided to return to the basketball court.  Committing to join the Chemeketa Community College Men’s Basketball team on the heels of taking some time away from the game.

This past year has been a struggle Molan admits, but it showed him how much more the game of basketball meant to him as he was always in the Cougars Den watching his former teammates play.

“Not playing for a year was very hard but it showed me that basketball was my life! It allowed me to think about the bigger picture and it showed me that basketball was my future,” Molan said.  “It’s also given me time to move on from that State Championship loss. Knowing that wasn’t my last game is huge for me because now I don’t have that fear as ending as a “loser” I get to move on from that and change the ending of my story.”

Molan’s High School career ended with heartbreak as Cascade fell to Marshfield in the 4A Showcase Final in 2021.  It was heartbreak yes Molan mentions but getting another opportunity to redo the ending is a plus.

And with the community support around the guard to do well has helped since he came out with the announcement that he’s returning to the court of play.

Cascade’s Carson Molan directing his offense against Yamhill-Carlton on June 5, 2021 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“As someone who lives and breathes basketball you always want to end on top and that’s what I hope to do. It means the world to me,” Molan starts.  “After taking a year off being unsure of what my future was, having this support has been amazing. Having a community that wants to see you succeed is everything.  

“People I may not even know on a personal level showing love and support is awesome! Honestly the best feeling in the world.  It makes this journey that much better knowing I have a support system behind me rooting for me.”

Molan jokes that he hopes to hit 80-percent from the free throw line this upcoming season but hopes to chip in on the leadership and bringing in the energy side of things as well.

“I just hope to bring my everything to that team and we can build from there! I just need to give it my all every day. Never take anything for granted and give all the glory to God,” Molan said.  “As long as I work my hardest and give it my all every day.  Never be happy with where I’m at and know I can always get better, be better and do more for the team.”

As for seeing his former teammates win the State Championship…a priceless moment.

“It was everything to me.  Those guys are my brothers.  I love each and every one of them as family,” Molan said.  “They told me they would get that championship ring for “us” and it was amazing to see. Those guys have been supporting me throughout my high school career and even to this day they still show me support that’s why I do the same for them.  It’s a brotherhood, it’s something we get to have forever.

“That bond is so special, and I don’t think we will ever lose it.  They worked their butts off every day, they earned it! And I couldn’t be prouder of them

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