Panthers Go 2-2 In Medford

By Jeremy McDonald

MEDFORD, Ore.–  Lily McCormick and Krislynn Shelton each had their fair share of reps during the North Medford Spring Break Invitational Monday and Tuesday.  Each pitcher had two games at the four-game Invite as the Central softball team went 2-2 in Southern Oregon.

“I feel like we’re really connected with each other, and I feel like we’re understanding how we work as a team and we’re able to work together,” McCormick said.  “Everyone backs each other up when someone doesn’t do so well.”

McCormick pitched Tuesday morning’s 10-6 win over Ashland where the sophomore struck out seven in six innings pitching.  The performance came on the heels of her five-inning, four strikeout performance against Eagle Point on Monday.

Shelton struck out one in that Monday game with the Eagles before striking out ten in seven innings against North Bend.  Shelton pitched the finale against Yreka, striking out one in the 20-4 defeat to the Miners from California.

Peyton Foreman and Kaitlyn Brian caught the two underclassmen, who are taking over for the recently graduated Emily Cole in the pitching circle with Central leaving Medford 3-2 on the season.

Central went 2-2 in four games in Medford, defeating Ashland and North Bend at the annual North Medford Spring Break Invitational (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“I think they’re doing great; this was a good learning experience for them.  They’re both pretty young, they’re underclassmen so having to pitch all four games this week was good for them to see, ‘ok this is what we’re going to be doing all season’,” Foreman said as the senior caught three of the four games. 

“(The last two days) helped us a lot because it helped to see where different people need to be in the line-up or on the field, communication.  Everything was lined up perfectly to see what kind of team we want to be this season.”

Though they split Tuesday’s finale, the Panthers have a week before their home opener on March 29 against Nelson to improve and carry over the momentum from their previous five games into the remainder of their non-league slate.

“It was really good for us to experience this so we know where we are playing at on the field and how we can improve as a team and individually,” McCormick starts.  “We just need to be better communicating and being able to see the field through other people’s eyes and views.  Just know that we have each other’s backs and that we’re able to do anything together.”

McCormick drove in 4RBI’s against the Grizzles on 3-for-3 hitting Tuesday morning.  Forman went 4-for-7 with 3RBI’s.  Brian was the other Central hitter who produced multiple hits in Tuesday’s doubleheader with two hits along with an RBI in the final game against Yreka.

First pitch against Nelson is scheduled for 4:30pm at Central High School.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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