Cascade Middle School Seventh-Graders Go 10-0

By Jeremy McDonald

AUMSVILLE, Ore.–  The future of Cascade Basketball is bright.  The Cascade Middle School seventh grade Boys Basketball team just completed the perfect, 10-0 season.

Of their ten wins, one was close as they wrapped up their season Wednesday afternoon against Sweet Home.  The Tigers won 54-26 after leading 44-16 at the halftime break.

“What’s enjoyable for me as a coach is watching the boys improve throughout the year,” said Head Coach Justin Amaya.  “A lot of the games we had the upperhand in the score, but developing the other guys so when they’re in those crucial moments they can be more ready for when they get to High School too.  It was a good group to coach.”

The sixth, seventh, eighth and down the bench all saw significant minutes this season alongside the starters who helped set the tone.  Continuing the momentum for when they were on the bench and taking what they’re learning in practice and putting them into practical use entering next season.

The game plan this year was being fast and aggressive, similar to what they’ll see at the High School level here in a few years.   Multiple sport athletes many of the kids are, Amaya points out.  Basketball, wrestling, baseball, football, all helping make the kids diverse and more rounded athletes.

“Mixing up the defense and not letting the other team get comfortable and then your other guys come in, they’re like energizer bunnies and they go just as hard.  They feed off of the starting group, it’s fun watching those sixth, seventh, eighth man come in and play,” Amaya said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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