TRC Girls Basketball Honors

By Jeremy McDonald

Salem Academy’s Derek Imig and Gervais’ Kyle Buse were named Co-Coach of the Year as the two squads went one-two in the Tri-River Conference League Standings in 2022. The Crusaders’ Annabelle Brawley was named TRC Player of the Year.

Here’s the complete list:

First Team

Annabelle Brawley-Salem Academy

Olivia Haines-Colton

Izzy Boyd-Gervais

Bailey Pederson-Salem Academy

Olivia Boyd-Gervais

Lexi Herber-Salem Academy

Santiam’s Maddie Forste was named to the second-team All-TRC as the Wolverines went 5-15 and 3-11 in TRC Play (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Sarah Halgren-Western Christian

Resee Hall-Western Christian

Mayra Perez-Gervais

Grace Hinkle-Salem Academy

Maddie Forste-Santiam

Sierra Bautista- Culver

Western Christian teammates Reese Hall (left) and Sarah Halgren (right) sharing a word during a game-stoppage against Sheridan on February 13. The Pioneers travel to Bandon on February 26 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Third Team

Izzy English-Colton

Ava Sellers-Gervais

Hailee Hordichok-Colton

Aubrey Smith-Salem Academy

Madi Nicoli- Western Christian

Sofia Contreras- Gervais

Sheridan’s Haley Ayala (3) and teammate Natalie Nieslen were named to the TRC Honorable Mention as the Spartans went 10-13 and 6-8 in league play in 2022 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Honorable Mention

Dylainee Carmony- Salem Academy

Salme Villiegas-Gervais

Avery Reiland-Colton

Kate Speelman-Western Christian

Natalie Nielsen-Sheridan

Haley Ayala-Sheridan

Grace Lindemann-Santiam

Cassidy Olson-Santiam

Dania Correa-Culver

Tegan Macy- Culver

Aleks Eyles-Kennedy

Yesi Lopez- Kennedy

Camila Najera-Kennedy

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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