Gervais’ Guido Showing Versatility At Siskiyous

By Jeremy McDonald

GERVAIS, Ore.–  2021 Gervais-grad Auggie Guido had done it all this past Fall in his freshman season with the College of the Siskiyous. 

The former Cougar and Eagle played Right Tackle, Tight End and Wide Receiver for the Northern California Junior College.  Making three receptions for 71 yards and a touchdown in the process.

It was an interesting year for sure for Guido he described.  Starting the year in a new position on the line before moving back to Tight End, a position he played in High School for Gervais before making the move out wide in their season finale against American River College on November 13.

“Playing Right Tackle was really hard. In practice I went up against an all-state Defensive End, so I had to learn fast and I did,” Guido starts.  “Playing receiver was fun.  It was a lot. I had to learn all the routes in a week and when we played American River it was hard. The Defensive Backs were so fast I caught a ball. The guy was at least ten yards away but as soon as I turned he was there.

“(Tight End) was way different, they expected a lot.  I had to practice with both the o-line and the receivers and I was the only TE on the roster because they had faith in my development which was good to have coaches like that.”

The experience playing in the CCCAA (California Community College Athletic Association) helped Guido develop physically and mentally during the season.  Developing bigger, faster and improving on his Football IQ with Guido playing in two games this past Fall.

“I think I developed really well. I got faster and I got better football IQ and I got a lot bigger now the focus is just building on it and to get noticed,” Guido said.

But probably the most memorable moment of the season was his 63-yard Touchdown pass in the season finale and the National-NorCal division game against the Beavers.  It was the Eagles final touchdown of the season, coming at the 7:35 mark of the third quarter in the 70-13 road defeat in Sacramento, California.

“That catch felt good.  It was a play we were thinking about running but we didn’t know if they were going to bite, but they did and I was wide open,” Guido said of the touchdown reception.

Siskiyous, located in Weed, California, went 1-9 on the season with their lone victory coming against West Hills Coalinga 31-7.


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