Olympians Building From The Spring

By Jeremy McDonald


SALEM, Ore.–  If you’ve ever been around Trevor Bodine for any length of time through the years there is one word that best describes the coach:

Competitive.  He does not like to lose and he’ll make sure he’ll find a way to put his squad into the best possible position to win the game at the end of the day.

“I think I hate losing more than I like winning so we got a couple of girls that feel the same way as I do.  They’re super competitive and it’s time for Sprague to be winning again.  It’s been a long, long, longtime.  But we’re focusing on getting better every day and learning everything we need to learn and leave practice than we showed up,” Bodine said.

Year one was interesting with the pandemic and Bodine teaching them a new system, and right out of the gate in the Spring under their new Head Coach the Olympians got a win as they went through the process of laying the foundation entering this Winter.

“We came out strong (against McKay) and it gave us a little bit of a push to keep us going.  We had to keep up our momentum after that,” said Sprague’s Alyssa Meza.  “We all just had to work together and as a team.  Keep our heads up and look past everything, not just on the court but outside.

Trevor Bodine (Orange shirt) talks to his Sprague team before Thursday’s practice as Bodine enters Year Two as Olys Head Coach (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

“It’s different from what we’re used to on offense, defense and different drills.  I think we’re learning new skills and developing in places that we haven’t had before.  Improving us as individuals and as a team as a whole.”

Bodine saw improvement throughout the six-week season from his new squad, coming over from North Marion where he helped the Huskies into becoming a 4A Playoff regular.  He wants his teams to be aggressive, talking about wanting them to be downhill attackers on offensive during Thursday’s practice.

“We’re doing some of the same things we did last year.  They know what my expectations are, they’ve figured out the schemes a little bit.  We’re still learning but that’s true with any program.  The same thing happened at North Marion where I brought in a brand-new system and I know these girls want to win and no one wants to win more than I do,” Bodine said. 

Sprague returns girls like Meza, seniors in Lily Matheson-Shelton, Kendrey McGath and Eden Sipes.  Makenna Trussell will be the Olys Guard/Wing. Paige Huynh, Reese Beyrouty, Summer Melna and Victoria Butler also add to the plethora of experience returning for the Olys this season.

A few players came out after sitting out the spring season due to Covid as well as a freshman transfer from West Salem as Bodine expanded his expectations of his squad entering Year 2.

“I’m excited about it and I know they are too; they get it now and they know the expectations are.  We’ll be better…We’re building something,” Bodine said.

Photos By Jeremy McDonald


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