OWC Girls Soccer League Honors

By Jeremy McDonald


Woodburn’s Myranda Marquez was named Player of the Year while the Bulldogs Andrea Whiteman and Travis Leonard of Newport were named Co-Coach of the year.

Here’s the complete list

First Team

Field players

Myranda Marquez-Woodburn

Bailey Bell- Philomath

Anya Shockley-Sisters

Luz Rojas-Woodburn

Layla Newell-Sisters

Kamila Grimmer-Philomath

Maddie Harris-Sweet Home


Analisa Backus-Sisters

Reese Grube-Philomath


Josie Patton-Sisters

Myranda Marquez of Woodburn looks on as the Bulldogs went 13-0-4 and took home the 4A State Title off of PK’s over Hidden Valley (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)

Second Team

Field Players

Diana Brunell-Cascade

K Bacho-Philomath

Tori Nyquist-Stayton

Marley Holden-Sisters

Crystal Garcia-Woodburn

Brisa Aguilar-Newport

Ariel Tobiasson- Cascade

Ella Weickum-Philomath


Caitlynn Spencer-Woodburn

Alyssa Rios-Woodburn


Litzy Gonzalez

Honorable Mention

Field Players

Haili Nyquist-Stayton

Itzel Arrizmendi-Newport

Mia Cook-Philomath

Alissa Humphreys-Stayton


Thalia Monroy-Woodburn

Emma Lutz-Sisters

Reese Harwell-Sisters

Meagan Baham-Sweet Home

Cassidy Garibaldo-Woodburn

Elizabeth Morales-Marquez-Philomath

Kianna Leonar- Newport


Safe Wyland-Sisters

Adrianna Frank-Stayton

Rian Hill- Stayton

Zianna Duncan-Sweet Home

Larissa Fregoso-Woodburn

Brooke Burke- Sweet Home

Tatiana Yaknitsa-Cascade

Abigail Green-Newport

Shaw Wyland-Sisters

Christine McCants-Stayton


Kami Hart-Sweet Home

Hailie Couture-Philomath

Avonly Wolf-Newport


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