MVC Football Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald

West Salem’s Shawn Stanley won Coach of the Year, McNary’s Tyler Copeland was Offensive Player of the Year and Summit’s Jack Clemans was Defensive Player of the Year in the Mountain Valley Conference. Here’s the complete list:


Offensive Tackle

First team

Jaiden Dunton- West Salem

David Sherman- Sprague

Second team

Isaac Scroggins-McNary

Sean Deane- Bend

Honorable Mention

Henry Hagen- Summit

Hatimu Letisi-South Salem

Aiden Hussey-West Salem

Hank Brundage-Summit

Offensive Guard

Spencer Elliott-Summit

Aydan Watson-West Salem

Second team

Blake Stubbelfield-Sprague

Aido Villaivazo-McNary

Deakon Looney- Mountain View

Honorable Mention

Eric Peters-Bend

Triston Smith- West Salem

Paul Ehenger- South Salem

West Salem’s Jeremiah Pinkerton adjusts his helmet against Sprague this past Friday as the Titans lineman got All-League nods at Center and Punter (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Carter Nelson- Summit

Second Team

Jeremiah Ratiff-McNary

Honorable Mention

Cole Steketee-Sprague

Jeremiah Pinkerton- West Salem

Jaden Whitworth-Bend

Tight End

First Team

Josh Pikl-West Salem

Second Team

Sam Larson- Mountain View

Honorable Mention

Lucas Steffen- Summit

Wyatt Jenks- West Salem


First Team

Braden Copeland- McNary

Zach Dodson-Greene- West Salem

Drew Rodriguez-Sprague

Tini Tinitali III- South Salem

Second Team

Gunner Semedma- McNary

Jordan Kennedy- Mountain View

Joe Schutz-Summit

Honorable Mention

Blaise Pearson- Sprague

Judah Aliifua- West Salem

Ethan Carlson- Summit

Jordan Jeffries- Sprague

Colton Herring-Sprague

Brody McMullen- West Salem

Sprague’s Colton Herring received Honorable Mention Wide Receiver in 2021 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


First Time

Tyler Copeland- McNary

Second Team

Brooks Ferguson- West Salem

Honorable Mention

Logan Smith- Sprague

Steve Castillo-Bend

Hogan Carmichael- Summit

Jakoby Moss- Mountain View

Daschel Smith- South Salem

Running Back

First Team

Johnny Withers-West Salem

Riley Davis- Sprague

Sayre Williamson-Mountain View

Second Team

Zane Aicher- McNary

Honorable Mention

Malakai Nutter- Bend

Ryan Powell-Summit

Jack Clemens- Summit

Hudson Giertych- West Salem

Offensive Player of the Year- Tyler Copeland-McNary


First Team-Soren McKee- Summit

Secon Team- Logan Ready-McNary

Honoarble Mention- Steve Castillo-Bend

West Salem fielded five honorees along the defensive line and linebacking corps in 2021 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Defensive Line

First team

Chip Allers-Summit

Martin Trujillo-West Salem

David Sherman- Sprague

Rudy Garcia-McNary

Second Team

Spencer Elliott-Summit

Dmitiri Trofimchik-West Salem

Sean Deane-Bend

Gavin Nguyen-Sprague

Honorable Mention

Same Larson- Mountain View

Henry Hagen-Summit

Jamie Guzman- South Salem

Tyler Takemoto-South Salem

Wyatt Jenks-West Salem

Elias Hudson- South Salem


First Team

Braiden Copeland-McNary

Jack Clemans- Summit

Cole Elmore- Sprague

Josh Pikl- West Salem

Second Team

Logan Malinowski-Bend

Jake Paton- McNary

Nick Hopper- Mountain View

Grant Smith-Summit

Honorable Mention

Johnny Withers-West Salem

Barik Hill- Sprague

Riley Davis-Sprague

Carter Boyles-South Salem

Hunter Rubterto-McNary

Braedy Vogt- South Salem

South Salem’s Jaxon Watson (5) hurdles a defender in the Saxons 42-0 win over Jefferson Week 1 as Watson got Honorable Mention Cornerback as a junior (Picture By Jerem


First Team

Joe Schutz- Summit

Gunner Smedema-McNary

Roman Burrow-West Salem

Second Team

Blasie Pearson- Sprague

Honorable Mention

Fred Kent- Bend

Ryan Powell- Summit

Jameson Lowery-West Salem

Jordan Jeffries- Sprague

Sage Allen-McNary

Ben Yundt- Mountain View

Jaxson Watson- South Salem


First Team

Zane Aicher- McNary

Drew Rodriguez- Sprague

Second Team

Charlie Ozolin-Summit

Judah Alliifua-West Salem

Honorable Mention

Austin Baker-Bend

Tyler Copeland-McNary

Connor Crum-Mountain View

Hudson Giertych-West Salem

Ben Woodward-Summit

Asa Phelps-South Salem


First Team

Soren McKee-Summit

Second Team

Drew Rodriguez-Sprague

Honorable Mention

Blaine Causey-Mountain View

Jeremiah Pinkerton- West Salem

Defensive Player of the Year

Jack Clemans-Summit

Special Teams Return Man

First Team

Drew Rodriguez- Sprague

Second Team

Zach Dodson-Green-West Salem

Honorable Mention

Sayre Williamson- Mountain View

Coach of the Year- Shawn Stanley-West Salem


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  1. Skip Pikl says:

    My son’s name is spelled PIKL. 1st team Tightened and 1st team Linebacker. If someone could correct it I would be grateful.


    J Skip Pikl

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