Mid-Willamette Conference Football Honors List

By Jeremy McDonald


Silverton won several Mid-Willamette Conference awards this Fall in football as the MWC send five teams to the 5A postseason in 2021.

Here’s the complete list:

MWC Assistant Coach of the Year: John Horner (Silverton)

Offensive Lineman: Orie Schaffers (Silverton)* Carson Benedict (West Albany) Ramie Halbrook (South Albany) Weston Tucker (Corvallis) Sam Willis (Silverton) Mark Workman (Lebanon)

Tight End: Brysen Kachel (West Albany) Wide Receiver: Vandon Fessler (Silverton)* Austin Ratliff (Silverton)* Carson Wright (Corvallis)

Quarterback: Jordan McCarty (Silverton)* Carter Steeves (Corvallis)

Running Back: Tyler Seiber (South Albany)* Logan Person (Dallas)* Brayden Burton (Lebanon)

Offensive Player of the Year: Jordan McCarty (Silverton)

Lineman of the Year: Orie Schaffers (Silverton)

Second Team

Offensive Lineman: Matthew Cobb (South Albany) Justin Parnell (Dallas) Brayden Foreman (Central) Nathan Gibbs (Crescent Valley) Caden McGowan (Corvallis) Sam Clements (Silverton) Clayton Eilers (Lebanon)

Tight End: Waylon Wolfe (Lebanon) Wide Receiver: Kole Johnson-Sallee (Dallas) Brayden Curry (Lebanon) Landen Parker (Crescent Valley)

Quarterback: Ashton Foster (Dallas) Kaden Younger (South Albany) Chase Nelson (Central)

Running Back: Toby Worsch (Corvallis) Alex Briseno (Silverton) Maxwell Louber (South Albany)

Honorable Mention

Offensive Lineman: Howard Yost (South Albany) Treston Wilt (Dallas) David Marsh (South Albany) Edgar Crump (Corvallis) Jesse Bass (South Albany) Elijah Roper (Silverton) Deagan Copeland (Corvallis) Spencer Hedding (West Albany) Juan Garcia (West Albany) Fabian Gutierrez (Lebanon) Josh Shinkle (Central) Kevin Rubio (Dallas)

Tight End: Nathan Thompson (Corvallis) Jake Liebelt (Crescent Valley) Jerron Berry (South Albany) Ashton Cavender (West Albany) Emilio Rocha (Dallas)

Wide Receiver: Riley Paxton (West Albany) Devin Jones (South Albany Ty Abernathy (Crescent Valley) Brock Nelson (West Albany) Myles Crandall (Central) Deshawn Gilliam (South Albany) Truman Brasfield (Corvallis) Peyton Silvernagel (Corvallis) Colton Vandetta (Lebanon)

Quarterback: Rocco McClave (Crescent Valley) Michael Cale (West Albany) Dre Smith (Lebanon)

Running Back: Kohler Hernandez (Central) Jedidiah Kollaer (South Albany) Brock Dunkin (Dallas) Wyatt Wessel (Lebanon) Jackson Pfeifer (Silverton) Emilio Miranda (Dallas) Corey Miller (Dallas)

Central’s Chase Nelson was one of nine Panther players named to the Mid-Willamette Conference Football Honors List in 2021 (Picture By Jeremy McDonald)


Defensive Lineman: Orie Schaffers (Silverton)* Chase Barnes (West Albany) Jonny Rappe (Lebanon) Ramie Halbrook (South Albany) Weston Tucker (Corvallis) Demetri Harris (Dallas) Sam Willis (Silverton)

Defensive Linebacker: Wayon Wolfe (Lebanon) Tyler Seiber (South Albany Keegan Walter (Silverton) James Toland (Silverton) Isaac Ostrom (Dallas) Brysen Kachel (West Albany)

Defensive Back: Vandon Fessler (Silverton)* Riley Paxton (West Albany)* Owen Hess (Dallas) Austin Ratliff (Silverton) Devin Jones (South Albany)

Punter: Landen Parker (Crescent Valley) Place Kicker: Landen Parker (Crescent Valley)

Kick Returner: Tyler Seiber (South Albany) Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Tyler Seiber (South Albany)* Keegan Walter (Silverton) MWC Head Coach of the Year: Josh Craig (Silverton)

Second Team

Defensive Lineman: Carson Benedict (West Albany) Brayden Newport (South Albany) Justin Parnell (Dallas) Jake Liebelt (Crescent Valley) Jermaine Ifenuk (Silverton)

Defensive Linebacker: Maxwell Louber (South Albany) Nathan Thompson (Corvallis) Gavin Miller (West Albany) Carlos Recendiz (Silverton) Ethan Dunigan (Central) Bryce Bowers (West Albany)

Defensive Back: Ty Abernathy (Crescent Valley) DeMarcus Houston (West Albany) Colton Vandetta (Lebanon) Carson Wright (Corvallis) Jordan McCarty (Silverton)

Punter: Carter Steeves (Corvallis) Place Kicker: Caleb Christner (Lebanon) Kick Returner: James Partridge (Dallas)

Honorable Mention

Defensive Lineman: Dakota Monson (West Albany) Deagan Copeland (Corvallis) Edgar Crump (Corvallis) Mo Vela (Central) Luke Taylor (Lebanon)

Defensive Linebacker: Peyton Silbernagel (Corvallis) Jedidiah Kollaer (South Albany) Caden McGowan (Corvallis) Brock Dunkin (Dallas) Adison Street (South Albany) Benson Craig (Central) Zack Centanni (Dallas) Dominic Sobota (Dallas)

Defensive Back: Logan Person (Dallas) Kellen Hanson (South Albany) Landen Parker (Crescent Valley) Josh Privatsky (Corvallis) Rocco McClave (Crescent Valley) James Partridge (Dallas) Brady Crenshaw (Lebanon) Brayden Curry (Lebanon) Kirik Kantola (Central) Draven Wilborn (South Albany) Avery Adams (South Albany) David Russell (Silverton Trey Johnson (Corvallis) Donavyn Weddle (West Albany) Jack Moyes (West Albany)

Punter: Justin Parnell (Dallas) Tyler Seiber (South Albany) Juan Zargouza (West Albany) Place Kicker: Jerron Berry (South Albany) Juan Zargouza (West Albany) Aden Vingelen (Corvallis) Logan Person (Dallas) Kick Returner: Carson Wright (Corvallis)


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